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R’lyief Sale Last Call

So good and bad and good news on the R’lyief Sale (initial details post). The good news is that the response has been great. At this point I’m anticipating at least $150 raised, allowing for a few people who won’t be able to pay their invoices until payday this Friday.

The bad news is that because the response was so good, I haven’t been able to crochet any extra WeeThulhus to put up for a general sale like I’d initially planned. I was going to put them up here, take pics, lets people claim them and donate, but that doesn’t look like it’ll pan out.

But the third side of the news sandwich is good news again—I still can make Cthulhus if people want to get in on the R’lyief Sale before it’s over. So here are the updated details:

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What Was the Middle Day of Lovecraft’s Life?

In a rather silly Facebook conversation on the anniversary of Lovecraft’s death, Simon (Simvail) jokingly suggested that we should celebrate the first, last, and middle days of Lovecraft’s life. I told him that if he could find me the middle day, I’d celebrate it too.

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Two More Free Lovecraft Readings Released by the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

On Thursday, The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast released two shorter readings: “From Beyond” and “The Picture in the House.” These recordings are free, or to put it better, already paid for. Whether or not you contributed, you’re free to download, listen to, and keep them.

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R’lyeh Rising Spring 2011 Sale and Update on R’lyief Sale

This week, the week of March 23, 2011 (March 21st – March 26th), I’m having a sale on Cthulhus in my store, specifically those in the Ready to Ship area of my store (NOT the commissions). During this week, you can use the coupon code: RLYEH2011 to take 15% off any Cthulhu that’s already been made and is ready to ship.

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