212 Dollars Raised and Donated for Japan and MSF Relief Work

After a few weeks of mad crocheting, I’ve finished all the Carethulhus for the R’lyief Sale. I made a total of 19 Carethulhus, some normal Weethulhus and some wee-sized versions of Chefthulhu, etc. In total, it raised $145 for the Red Cross’s Japan Fund and $67 for MSF ($212 total). I made the donations on the evening of April 12, with receipts below.

Red Cross Donation Receipt

Red Cross Donation Receipt

MSF Donation Receipt

MSF Donation Receipt

I also had a real life acquaintance offer to donate $25 to MSF in exchange for 2 Carethulhus when she gives me the receipt. But she wanted me to finish the online part first.

List of the Carethulhus

If you’re interested in a breakdown of the Carethulhus, the donations, etc, you can see it below. Fee is the PayPal fee, $0.46 is the box, Shipping Cost is the cost to mail, and the Donation Net is the leftover. I rounded $144.73 up to $145 for Red Cross and rounded the $67.06 down from MSF (part of that going to Red Cross).

List of Carethulhus

(the final purple one was ordered by someone who ordered a regular Cthulhu, too, so her payment was slightly less since it just had to make up the shipping difference.)

Pirate Cthulhu

The R’lyief Sale led to the creation of a new kind of Cthulhu: Pirate-Cthulhu!

Pirate Cthulhu

Right now Pirate-Cthulhu is not available in the store, but he may be in the future. I’ll keep you posted on the blog/Twitter/Facebook.


  1. This gives me a huge happy <3 You rock, Ruth

  2. Terry says:

    Yay! So awesome to see the results!

  3. Kris says:

    Good job you! I admire the effort you put in to this.

  4. Sewicked says:

    And I wanted to let you know, pirate cthulu will have a happy home in my game bag; as I play a sailor from the Flying Dutchman in a Dresden Files game.

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