5 Things I Hope to Learn and See Next (Half) Season on Caprica

Caprica’s demi-season finale left me with a few tears on my cheeks and a general feeling of exhaustion. I think that’s the mark of a good finale—as long as it’s coming back. After I recovered, I started thinking about things I’d like to see in the second half of the first season. Season 1.5 is scheduled to start in October, I think, so we have a long summer wait ahead of us.

[Edited 9/21 to add: Since this was written in March right after “End of the Line,” I hadn’t gotten answers or hints of answers from the S1.5 teasers yet…though they still don’t fully answer any of these questions, except perhaps the Amanda one.]


So What’s Tamara Doing?

Tamara's flower pattern - Caprica End of the Line

The one thing that disappointed me in the otherwise fantastic demi-finale was actually finding Tamara. So you can’t be killed. You’re living in a virtual world where you’ve discovered how to actually control the essence of things. And what are you doing? Apparently nothing?

I’m going to have to re-watch it (and Caprica is on Hulu right now), but it seemed like Tamara was living in the place where Emmanuelle found her. Not very exciting. Even if she wasn’t, we have no clue what she’s up to.

After the episode, I thought this through a bit more and realized that maybe that’s exactly what someone in that situation could end up doing. Sure it’s great to have magical powers and be invincible, but maybe it would also be kind of shocking and make you want to find a safe hole in the ground rather than walk through the streets sending fireworks out of your fingertips.

But I have the feeling that she won’t be hiding or running away forever and I really hope she’s getting or gotten up to something. We already saw her flowers and how she’s making New Cap City her home, I hope we get to see her character expand. “There Is Another Sky” was a good start, but we need more of it. Maybe when she meets up with Zoe again, they’ll stick together.

Can Sam Pull Joseph Back Into the Real World?

Sam disgusted with Joseph - Caprica End of the Line

Joseph went downhill really fast. Even though I sympathize and I know why he’s in the virtual world, I’m about as disgusted with him as Sam is. And while he’s on this quest, Sam has been doing what he can to hold the family together.

So, now that Joseph can’t go back, will he settle down and get back to his family life? Will William ever forgive him for missing his “ink day”? I presume that’s important in Tauron culture. Will Sam ever forgive him for missing his own son’s ink day? I don’t know precisely what that is in Tauron culture, but I’m guessing (based on William’s age, the cultural use of tattoos, and Sam’s having mentioned that William is almost a man in Tauron culture) that the ink day is a ritual about attaining manhood—like a bar mitzvah. Awful for anyone to have a parent not show up because of addiction.

I hope to see an expansion of Joseph & Sam’s relationship, I want to see Joseph man up, I want to see Sam make Joseph start being a better parent. It’s weird to think of the guy we saw slash a man open in the pilot as good moral grounding, but everything we’ve seen since shows that while he’s the kind of guy who can kill someone without regret Sam is also the kind of guy who cares deeply about his family, and doesn’t just kill randomly (e.g. his troubled reaction to being asked to kill Amanda at the end of “Reins.”)

And What About Evelyn/”Emmanuelle”?

Evelyn and Emmanuelle side by side - Caprica End of the Line

At first I thought the mysterious “Emmanuelle” might be Tamara, but based on what happened when she got shot and then on her familiarity with him I wondered if she might be Joseph’s assistant, Evelyn. When she told Tamara that he’d missed William’s ink day I knew that was info she couldn’t have gotten unless she was connected to him in the real world too. I don’t think Joseph knew he was missing the ink day.

Once the reveal was done, my mind connected all the similarities between characters and I’m impressed by how well two different women played the same woman in different bodies. I like seeing that kind of thing done, like the first episode from Series of the new Doctor Who (which I’m currently watching) where Cassandra popped between the Doctor & Rose.

She seems in love/obsessed with Joseph. I’m glad she acted in his best interests by talking to Tamara, but I’m not sure we can trust her to do so in other areas.

Things that would be awesome: Sam & Evelyn battle for Joseph.

Is Amanda Really Dead? Will She Come Back?

Amanda on the bridge - Caprica End of the Line

We saw Amanda step off the bridge. It was in a really great sequence of many people heading towards cataclysms and catastrophes all at the same time. We got the sensation of falling, so I’m putting her on the body count along with Philomon. BUT she may not actually be dead. She might have survived, some people do. Or Daniel may have saved (or pre-saved) her consciousness in a Zoe-like way…but does he have another Cylon to put her in? I love and hate that we don’t know.

We saw Daniel get a call, but was it about Zoe’s crash or Amanda’s jump?

Amanda's feet and ring on the bridge - Caprica End of the Line

I went through a severe depression several years back, along with six months during which I was quite suicidal. Whenever I see people considering or committing suicide in films or on television (most recent before this was Kal Penn on “House”), it touches something in my brain that remembers. It remembers the emotions, the thoughts, the feelings, everything.

It’s not pleasant, at the same time it makes me relieved about the choices I made and the help I got. It could have easily gone another way.

What’s Gemenon Like?

And speaking of that, did anyone die in Sister Clarice’s car? AfterElton called it curtains for at least one husband in their hilarious recap “The One Where All the Hot People Die” (dear AfterElton: Sam Adama is alive and well, so not all the hot people are dead. Thank goodness!). We saw Clarice with a crowd of people so we know she lived. But did her hunky husband(s?) get out too, or was one or more of them in the car when it went off? I’ve got a bad feeling about Nestor, since he was driving and probably stayed with the car. (Edited to add according to an article in Syfy’s “The Caprican,” he lived.)

Does Clarice go on to Gemenon, driven forward by the knowledge that she must shut down Barnabas? If so, I’m really looking forward to seeing it. So far all we’ve seen in the series is Caprica (I think we’re going to see Tauron the second half too).

STO is so militant and violent, but do people on Gemenon lead peaceful lives because their religion is the norm and they don’t have to feel like they’re fighting against society? Or are they in some sort of hyper-vigilant state? Or is there a lot of internal strife between factions who claim to have the truth about the one true God? An entirely “Christian” planet, for example, might become completely self-destructive if people started fighting over what it meant to be Christian.

(How) Does the Zoe-bot Survive?

Zoe robot flying through the air right before the crash - Caprica End of the Line

Even if the Cylon she’s in doesn’t survive, Zoe’s got to survive. So is Daniel able to extract her from the fragments? Is the robot just built so awesomely that it survives the crash?

And how much of Zoe’s personality survives in it? The show wouldn’t be the same without the robot being both a robot & a girl. She’s great in the V-World, of course, but I think some of Zoe’s best scenes are where she’s playing as the robot, especially on the rare occasions where the robot can communicate with people (or that horrifying fire scene).

I Can’t Wait!

I already wanted the next seasons to get here quickly, but now I want it even more. So many unanswered questions, so many developments I’d like to see happen.

I’m reading War & Peace right now and I have to say that a good tv show is kind of like a (good) Russian novel (trust me, I went on a Russian novel kick when I was 15). It’s got a lot of characters and a lot of threads, but the good ones are wound together so tightly that eventually everything comes into play and the threads cross to make a beautiful tapestry. That’s what this episode was for me.

I’ve already started watching Battlestar Galactica, my library has all the seasons, and I plan to finish them over the summer. So by the time we restart in October, I’ll be all up on my ‘verse.


  1. Austin says:

    Yes! I was also wondering what Tamara has been up to. She can’t die in V-World, and I’m assuming she doesn’t sleep..? So, she’s been in there for quite a while (weeks maybe?), doing what – walking around, shooting people, and attending burlesque shows? There has to be more there… Does she have some kind of a cult following now? Is she the leader of some kind of gang, or movement? Or is she something more closely resembling a god? Based on all the flowery “T” symbols all over the place, she must be important in some way… I’m excited to see where they decide to go with Tamara’s character.

    Also, I definitely agree with you – both the robot and the Zoe character have to survive. The show would definitely lose a lot if there was no longer the “trinity” persona as it was referred to.

    Great job on the commentary/recap! I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Ruth says:

    I think it’d be fascinating if she built up a following…especially if people don’t know how to win the game. They might see her a key to winning.

    It’d also be interesting if she got a following she didn’t want at all, like Brian in The Life of Brian. Guess we’ll have to see. :)

  3. Daniel says:

    This show actually looks good. Would you recommend it to someone who hasn’t yet watched any BSG?

  4. Ruth says:

    Yes, I hadn’t watched any BSG when I started & finished Caprica S1.0. I THEN watched BSG over the summer and found it really helped with how I understood and enjoyed Caprica in retrospect. So BSG is helpful but maybe starting w/o BSG expectations was also good, since the first couple eps were a bit slow…

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