A Few New Cthulhus in the Shop

I’ve finally gotten the Etsy store properly restocked after Christmas. There are classic Tiny Cthulhus in swamp green, bright green, yellow, black, plum, and other colors. I’ve also made a small supply of the sleepy-eyed baby-friendly Baby’s First Cthulhus in green, pink, and blue:

Green Baby's First Crocheted Cthulhu  Pink Baby's First Crocheted Cthulhu  Blue Baby's First Crocheted Cthulhu

I’ve also started offering the Cylon-Cthulhus as a commission on the store. The first one has already been shipped and its new owner sent in a pic of him hanging out with a Cuddly Cthulhu and a model Cylon:

Crocheted Cylon Cthulhu Hybrid  Crocheted Cylon Cthulhu Hybrid in New Home

And just for the heck of it, I made a bright pink Cuddly Cthulhu, who’s looking for someone who can handle that much awesome all in one place:

Bright Pink Crocheted Cuddly Cthulhu

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