A Touch of Geek in My Workspace

I work in a cubicle. Only unlike some cube farms that I’ve seen, even in libraries, mine is more of a workspace. The walls function for privacy as much as for anything else. My back’s to the wall, my computer faces the wall and most of the front is open so I can see out the window and watch the students work. I love it. And while I haven’t decorated as much in my year here as the coworkers who’ve been here for 10 years, I’ve added a few of my own touches to the place.

Monday, Girls Are Geeks invited us to share pictures of the geekiness in our workspace. So I took in a camera and captured a few of the geekiest things (click on the pictures to see larger versions in a Lightbox):

My Desktop Wallpaper

The below is a “proof-shot” but the link to it is much better. My desktop right now is Spiral Galaxy M74, as taken by the Hubble telescope.

Spiral Galaxy M74

On my netbook I have an artistic version of Ry’leh as my wallpaper right now, but here at work on the bigger screen I wanted something vaster & escapist. I love my job, but I also love hitting Windows Icon + D and taking in the vastness of it all and the incredible smallness of everything I know (and any problems I happen to be dealing with). Space is frightening and sublime.

My two best sources for these wallpapers have been the Hubble Site wallpaper gallery and NASA’s Image of the Day.

My Little Guard Crocheted Cthulhu

One of my crocheted Cthulhus stays at work with me (there’s another in my bag…see farther down) and guards my PC tower. He’s bright green & pretty friendly. Sometimes he looks outward at potential visitors, sometimes he watches the screen and sometimes he watches me. (Also, I think I’ve caught him sizing up the stuffed Moose that also lives in my cubicle.)

Crocheted Cthulhu guarding my cubicle

My Wall of Librarian Geekery

I picked up some swag at a conference which I used to decorate part of my cubicle wall. It’s not out-of-place geekery, since this is a library, but there are Star Trek: TMP & Indiana Jones & King Kong references, so it fits well with me. The badges say “Lit Happens,” “I <3 My Library," "Librarians – The Original Search Engines," "Librarian – Born to Search," and (my favorite) “This Is My Librarian Costume.”

These make me happy when I look at them. Someday I think I may put the buttons on my:

My Bag of Holding

I <3 Think Geek. And I bought their bag of holding with Christmas money. :) This doesn’t live at my workplace, but it’s there whenever I am. Much more capacious than a purse and feels like a better fit for me. Inside the bag lives a darker green (he’s a little washed out in this picture) Cthulhu. So note to people considering the bag of holding—it’s got so much space it can hold Cthulhu himself.

My Bag of Holding + Cthulhu

Bonus: I Love My Boss

Most of the time I love my job. And part of that is because I love my coworkers. Especially one of my bosses. When I started making Cthulhus, she thought that sounded awesome. So she read the Cthulhu story, looked at the pattern, & got to work. Her Cthulhus and mine are a little different, we use different hooks. She makes her Cthulus with baby-safe eyes and taught me how so that I can make some too. Anyway, this is what she’s got on her desk right now (the Red, White, & Blue is just her newest thing, she’s done purple, green, orange, blue, red, & they all temporarily reside in her office before being given away).

My Boss's Cthulhus

So that’s the geekyness in my workspace. I realized while I was taking these that I have a whole unused wall. Hmmm….

Do you have anything geeky in your workspace? Wanna share?


  1. I love your space – and those Cthulhus are cute! Now I have to go look up what they are :)

  2. Rosalind says:

    I love the crocheted Cthulhus! And conference swag is the best kind of decoration. Awesome!

  3. Ruth says:

    @Emily thanks! :) It’s a really pleasant environment to work in. Sent you a link on the Cthulhus…they’ve become a real phenomenon in the last 20 years.

    @Rosalind thanks for suggesting it. :)

  4. GeekInsight says:

    Nice stuff. When the Battlestar Galactica auction occurred, my then girlfriend, now wife, bought me a set of Caprican Criminal Law books that were used on the show. (How could I not marry her after that?) I put them up on my work shelf between my real law books.

  5. Ruth says:

    @GeekInsight I think at that point you pretty much had to marry her. That’s a fantastic gift! :)

  6. matt says:

    nice pics, also envy that you work in a library, never happened for me..that’s okay, I have 9 bookshelves full of books so I’m a happy geek :) I might have to post pics of my geek stuff around the apt and send you the link

  7. Ruth says:

    @matt it’s pretty awesome. Of course it can also be tantalizing if you want to read all the books and don’t have time. Fortunately this library’s collection interests me less so I can enjoy working with the books & get my reading books from county.

    Yay for 9 bookshelves! :) My parents brought me up to cover every surface in books and have bookshelves in every room. Best house ever. And send me the link if you post pics.

  8. Amy says:

    You make the little Cthulhus?! They are are so very cute.

    I need more geeky things on my desk. I have Lilo & Stitch and a minimates Cylon. When I eventually get an office, there will be nerd art on the walls. :)
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Custom Gaming Tables! =-.

  9. Ruth says:

    @Amy hmm…now I kinda want the minimates Cylon. That’s really awesome! :)

    I think I need a poster for my big bare wall…

  10. Revanche says:

    I’ve been tempted to bring Cthulhu to work with me, but then I’d have to leave the candles/bathroom unguarded at home! But at work, he could … protect my brain … no, he’s a brain nommer … this is a thinky dilemma.
    .-= Revanche´s last blog ..Super Saturday =-.

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