Like Batgirl, I’m a librarian by day. By night, I’m a gamer, a coder, a crafter, and a writer. I’ve been known for a variety of things: selling wee Cthulhus, making a free ebook of Lovecraft’s fiction, tweeting enough that some hypothesize I’m actually a Cylon (girl can’t help it if she types ~80 wpm in Tweetdeck), writing a column for the Illuminerdy, and being Bioware’s biggest fan.


I’ve been gaming in some form or another since my first year of college over a decade ago. I started in 3rd edition D&D (halfling Druid!), but my love of gaming revived when I discovered more flexible story-game formats. Perhaps it’s because my college GM was an English Writing major, so from the beginning I saw games as stories. I GM now, primarily GUMSHOE-based games (especially Trail of Cthulhu) but also in 13th Age and School Daze.

At 26, I moved beyond the tabletop and discovered the joy of videogames. With friends’ encouragement to allow myself to suck as I learned, I got mental roadblocks and my inexperience and spent hundreds of hours exploring Skyrim (200+ hours), Denerim (ongoing!), Dunwall (33 hours), Rapture (30 hours), the Animus (73+ hours), the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, and Council Space (450+ hours & a full Insanity playthrough).

WordPress Consulting

I’ve done WordPress consulting on-and-off since 2008, sometimes just for friends, sometimes as a part-time gig. I can make or edit WordPress themes (including this one), set up or move WordPress installations, migrate people to or from the blog, and do just about anything except highly-advanced work (serious plugin creation, majorly altering WordPress’s functions, etc.) or image design. My available hours are limited, but I continue to do WordPress work on the side.


I’m an anxious optimist, hopeful about the person I’ll become in the future while fighting a generalized anxiety diagnosis which has made my life hard over the years. I try to be open about both that and the depression I experienced surrounding my mother’s terminal diagnosis and death. Through years of therapy, sometimes medication, and the skills I’ve built up over time, I manage to be very productive in spite of my anxiety. In everything, I am grateful for the support of my husband @ProfX.

If you want to get in touch with me about gaming, writing, WordPress, or just for questions, use the form below or email me at cthulhuchick@[remove this]gmail.com.

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