Awesome Pics of Chefthulhu In Action

I love getting pics back from new Cthulhu owners, either showing that their Cthulhus have arrived or doing something fun with the Cthulhu. I have a whole page of them here and a Cthulhu Flickr gallery so people can see full-size pictures, link to them, etc. But sometimes I like to share an especially good pic or two.

I recently started offering Chefthulhus and between Etsy & private orders, I think I’ve made 6 already. Here are two adorable Chefthulhu-in-the-kitchen shots.

Chefthulhu prepares to take joy in cooking

Image by Terry of GameCouch who first came up with the idea of the Chefthulhu as a mascot for his Necronomnomnomnom (geeky cookbook). If Cthulhu finds joy in cooking, you know it’s going to lead to madness for the rest of us!

Chefthulhu surveys his domain

This pic was sent in by the vowel. His Chefthulhu is clearly getting to know the tools of his new kitchen.

If you have Cthulhu pics or a Cthulhu story you’d like me to post, just e-mail them to me at cthulhuchick[thisisnotpartoftheaddress]


  1. Amy says:

    I adore Chef Cthulhu. That is all.

  2. Mushyrulez says:

    Can Chelfthulhu even cook? :<

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