Because Life is Better With a Little Cthulhu

Hi, I’m Ruth and I’m a Cthulhu Chick. After starting reading Lovecraft’s short stories last summer, I found a pattern for tiny crocheted Cthulhus and it reignited my love of crocheting. So I’ve been making crocheted Cthulhus since sometime in the fall and now I’ve got well over forty of them living with me.

Since I’ve given a number away and sold another handful on commission, so I’ve decided to sell some of them on Etsy. The site’s been created but it’s not quite up yet. This blog is for posting some of the photo stories I’ve done with some of my own crocheted Cthulhus, other Cthulhu-related posts, a little other geeky/amigurumi-related stuff.


  1. Revanche says:

    Whee! Cthulhus! Now we need them in different sizes :)

  2. kjdawson80 says:

    Haha, I like the one with its eyes closed ^__^

    My Cthuhlu is still rumbling with my bomb squad security guard, btw, but he’s dissapointed because I forgot the smoking bacon at home :/

  3. Yanguang says:

    Never before has madness manifested itself in such cuteness. 😀

  4. @RevancheGS we’ll have to see. This size is super-portable to make & easy. But I might not be opposed to a few bigger ones.

    @KjDawson I think the baby-eyed ones are too cute to be so evil, but they’ll fool ya.

    @Yanguang haha, thanks! :)

  5. Revanche says:

    ..what about even smaller ones? oooh….

  6. @Revanche It’s been done. Itty bitty ones. I shall have to post a pic! :)

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