Being Ruth on Library Thing

I once had and neglected an account on the awesome cataloging/sharing site LibraryThing. This week, I decided to use the export file from that account to create a new profile.

My library is currently incomplete and it’s kind of eclectic. Right now it’s got most of my fiction books, but many of them are my “literature” books from college. I have barely begun to list the books I’ve read that I don’t yet own. I only plan to add them as I’m reading.

Working on the collection has made me realize what kind of book owner I am. It’s always been natural for me to read books from libraries. I’ve worked in them since my mid-teens and always had access. It seemed silly to buy them except when I really needed them. Books I own tend to be either stories I can’t live without having around, books it’s really hard to get ahold of through libraries (especially some of the non-fiction stuff), and books that I somehow acquired and don’t want to get rid of. Here’s a sample:

I put a widget for “Currently Reading” in the sidebar and will try to keep that updated.

I paid for a year of upgraded LibraryThing service, so I’ll actually be able to upload all my titles. Thank goodness for ISBNs!

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