Beyond Caprica — A Visitor’s Pocket Guide to the Twelve Colonies

Back in September, I entered a contest to win a signed copy of the cute little travel guide to the Twelve Colonies of the BSG/Caprica ‘verse — Beyond Caprica. Guess what came earlier this week?

The cover of my signed copy of Beyond Caprica

It’s signed by Jane Espenson, Sasha Roiz, & Alessandra Torressani. According to the author, Bob Harris:

Last year, my dear friend Jane was running Caprica (the Battlestar Galactica prequel), and on the strength of my real-world travel writing and the country summaries in Who Hates Whom, she thought I’d be a good choice to devise backstories for the show’s planets (the “colonies of Kobol”), amplifying the existing tangential references in the original BSG into fuller political histories, giving Caprica’s writers an internal bible for consistency.

The cover of my signed copy of Beyond CapricaIt’s a short book, based off of what was originally a pamphlet, with 2 pages for each colony. So I don’t know if I’d buy it if I were using my own money. but it’s definitely fun to own, read, and see what kind of material the writers are working with. It’s particularly cool since you know that it’s the same material that the writers got. And it’s interesting to see what’s going on with some of the Twelve Worlds we never hear about.

Some fun tidbits about lesser-known worlds:

Aquarion is a highly-cultured Iceland or Alaska. It’s very cold, mostly frozen, and barely populated, but the population that there is is quite social, barters a lot (artwork, songs, food, shelter…whatever they have), and deals with disruptive elements by simply shipping them offworld.

Leonis has mild and predictable weather because of its near-vertical planetary axis. It’s great for vacationing whether you’re planning to visit ski resorts in the mountains or the pleasure beaches.

Virgon has security forces known as “redshirts” because of their distinctive outfits. While the book doesn’t say anything else about them, I’m going to assume that these forces have a high casualty rate due to transporter malfunctions.

Short, fun, pretty.


  1. Eleni says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing. Anything interesting about Canceron? (I have a slight interest in it due to my Zodiac sign.)

    Do you get a sense of which are the wealthier colonies (like Caprica)? I remember them making reference to the poorer colonies vs. richer colonies in BSG (all the officers are from the richer ones), so I’m curious which would fall into which categories.

    I hope we’ll see more of the other planets over the course of Caprica :)

  2. Eleni says:

    They just canceled Caprica :( I am a bit devastated. I just watched the most recent episode, and I was so excited to see where all the plot lines were going. It’s such a shame.

  3. Ruth says:

    I’m feeling rather crushed about that. The most recent ep was just so good (& post is out on it today!).

    Canceron has very rich soil (or it did until it was overfarmed) and there were also some good mining areas. It’s got an insular but diverse culture from the different areas on the planet–a full 88 states and at least 19 distinct dialects.

  4. Eleni says:

    It’s funny how some of the different colonies have their own languages (like Tauron, as we’ve heard in Caprica), but in BSG they only ever spoke one language. Oh well. Very cool!

  5. Alex says:

    This is a wonderful little book, I just wish they had made it even more expansive. They could have easily created one the size of the Eyewitness Guides that it’s based off, which would have been about 200 pages. Anyway, I feel fortunate to own one of these. They are now extraordinarily difficult to locate. Caprica forever!

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