Caprica Season 1.5 Comes Back October 5th!!

This has been a great year for me with tv. Possibly the best since I discovered Star Trek. I started watching Caprica in the late winter/early spring (whenever it started airing). At the same time I was making my way through the three series of the 10th Doctor. Then after Caprica finished, I started BSG, which made my spring/summer epic. In September, I blasted through Big Bang Theory Season 1 in one weekend. On the menu this fall? More Caprica and the 11th Doctor.

Caprica S1.5 (should we just call it de-facto S2?) starts on October 5th, the same day the DVDs for S1.0 come out (why yes I do have mine pre-ordered and arriving on the 5th!!). Last season’s start was a bit uneven (eps 2&3 I’m looking at you), but this second half looks amazing. The trailers are pure nerdgasm for series fans. Looking forward to some BSG-esque drama and some Cylon action. And hoping the Tuesday night timeslot is friendlier to it.

There’s a special Twitter giveaway #CapricaContest for the book Beyond Caprica, a pocket guide to the 12 colonies. It’s short, but it looks really cute & this summer has left me curious about the worlds. Caprica has been mostly on, well, Caprica. And while there are Taurons and may be scenes on Tauron later this season (and Gemenon), we’re still not getting much expansion. BSG didn’t have much beyond Caprica either. So I decided I’d enter to win it. But how?

The contest’s only guideline was to show how much of a fan you were of Caprica & tweet it to Sasha Roiz with the #CapricaContest hashtag. Someone beat me to showing how many times he’d listened to the soundtrack. I wasn’t sure what to do until a conversation with @toasterlicious inspired me to pull an Amanada Palmer.

What does Amanda Palmer do? Well, she does a frak-ton of things, but one of the things she does on Twitter is draw stuff on herself. Another is make music. So, I decided to draw STO symbols and Tamara flowers on myself (fine-tip Sharpies work best, in my experience) and play a short version of those themes from Caprica I’ve been working on.

ProfX was kind enough to use our little camera to film it and I uploaded the clip to YouTube. So here are my hands. And my voice. And below that, a picture of the Tamara flower arm…since the drawings didn’t show up well in the darkness that is our apartment at night.

(apologies for the sound recording quality of our camera. I used piano-like voices on the piano because the plain piano sound is always prejudiced towards the left hand on this one…it seems)

There’s another, fuller pic, but I’m not posting it here since I could not get the shirt to not show significant cleavage. What I’ll post late on a Friday night & what I’ll post in a considered entry are a bit different, it seems.


  1. Eleni says:

    I love Caprica! Can’t wait for it to come back–a lot was left up in the air at the end of the last episode.

    Sounds like you had an awesome summer in regards to TV. I still need to check out Doctor Who, but I did get all caught up on Big Bang Theory this summer.

    Hope you win the contest! I’d love to learn more about the other colonies, especially Canceron because, well, I’m a Cancer :)

  2. Ruth says:

    I’m kind of curious about Virgon for the same reason. I’m wondering how much of cultures they based on the signs and how much is other stuff :)

    Do check out Doctor Who. We have found it progressively better, esp S3 & S4 (though both S1 & S2 have fantastic episodes and threads). And I hear S5 was even better, so I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Ruth. There really isn’t that much on Canceron. In our Battlestar RPG on Second Life everyone’s colony was determined by your birth sign in our initial campaign which lasted from 2007-2009. I was a Cancer and made a lot of stuff up for Canceron. There were like 4 lines of info in the Battlestar Wiki. Got in trouble with the DM’s for not being Canon. LOL

    “Beyond Caprica” has a lot of interesting info on all the colonies. Its a short book but to me worth the $10 USD + S&H.

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