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Film Review: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

It was a combo of words which basically required me to go: female director, Iranian, vampire, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT…a powerful phrase in itself. Something I’ve done. Something I’ve been scared to do. The film is black-and-white, filmed in California and set in the Iranian town of Bad City—BadBad. On the nose, […]

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Review: Dracula, Pages from a Virgin’s Diary

When I pitched a scenario for the Dracula Dossier involving vampires and ballet, I had no idea that a ballet interpretation of Dracula existed. Well, that’s not entirely true, I was aware of the Atlanta Ballet’s ongoing but un-filmed version (someday!), but not of this one based on the Royal Winnipeg’s company. I found Dracula — Pages from a Virgin’s Diary when I was compiling a list of ballets to watch to go along with my planned (re)watch of Dracula films and spy thrillers. Obviously, I had to buy it, and last night my husband and I put aside a couple hours and watched it.

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Why You Shouldn’t Boycott Syfy to Save Caprica

I am/was a huge Caprica fan. Look at my post archive, look at my Twitter feed. It’d make my week and maybe my month if Syfy resurrected Caprica. It’d make my day if they actually aired the final episodes or put them on hulu. So I don’t say this as a dilettante, I say this as someone whose favorite tv show of 2010 has been Caprica.

Boycotting the good stuff on Syfy is a frakking stupid way to try to save Caprica.

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Did Sam Adama Start the Cylon Civil War?

(alternately titled “The face that launched a thousand Cylons,” which, while catchy, probably should refer to Zoe vs. Sam)

Ok. Caprica was canceled. I’d written this before that came out, so I’m still letting it post…I’ll write something else for later this week.

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