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How David Tennant Became My Doctor

I came to Doctor Who a few years late. I think the 4th series was airing, and I’d actually seen Torchwood first because I heard James Marsters was in it. I’d never gotten into the idea of “Doctor Who” but after liking Torchwood, I decided to give it a shot.

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“Retribution” — Caprica Season 1, Episode 11

There will be spoilers. Also, be sure to check out the hilarious recap After Elton wrote for this episode.

This episode was even better on the rewatch, when I knew to turn out all our lights and go for the mood of the stormcloud that hangs over this episode. It’s dark and, as UGO put it, it’s the second stage of grief—anger. We had more guns and more violence than in any previous episode. Clarice becomes a merciless assassin, Barnabas completely snaps, Amanda nearly shoots Clarice but then takes a more controlled and frightening approach (since you’re not sure what she’ll do), and Daniel manages to drive someone to suicide.

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“Unvanquished” — Caprica Season 1, Episode 10

In essence, the newest Caprica episode, “Unvanquished,” was about selling apotheosis, whether as a power tool for a religion (Clarice) or as a way to profit off of others’ grief (Daniel). The same concept, both religious and commercial. It wasn’t as fast-paced as some, no crazy killer robots. But there was so much plot going on that I didn’t care. I liked it even better the second time around as I picked up on nuances and not just straight plot points.

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Caprica Season 1.0 DVD Extras Review

It must be Caprica week on the blog! I’ve been excited about the series’s return for a while now, and on Tuesday we not only got the next episode in the series, but we got the DVDs of the first half of the series. I’ll be reviewing the episode tomorrow, today I’m reviewing all the extras on the DVDs.

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