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Best Part of ALA

Last week, the American Library Associate conference was in DC. This is like San Diego Comic-Con for librarians, it’s huge! Our library arranged to let all the paraprofessionals go to the exhibits (free for us) and gave us a half-day of leave to do it in. Those of us planning to go to library school jumped at it.

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Why Making Your Next Book an App is Fucking Stupid

I don’t follow Tech Crunch, but if you’re on Twitter and following over a dozen people, it’s likely you’ll see their stuff mentioned. I read the more interesting things and on Monday I threw up a little in my mouth when I read the post title Dear Authors, Your Next Book Should Be an App, Not an iBook.

Ok, Mac fanboys/girls. You can go out and buy those iPads & it’s fine with me. But can we put down the Kool-Aid and USE OUR BRAINS for a second? It might hurt a little, but it’s a good stretch.

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