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Last weekend, I participated in a GUMSHOE GM Jam hosted by the Play on Target podcast. It included some fantastic GUMSHOE folks: Stephanie Bryant, who’s worked on some of the same GUMSHOE projects I have this year (Book of Changing Years, Dracula Dossier scenario); Yohann Delalande, a French translator for Pelgrane who I met on […]

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Review: Dracula, Pages from a Virgin’s Diary

When I pitched a scenario for the Dracula Dossier involving vampires and ballet, I had no idea that a ballet interpretation of Dracula existed. Well, that’s not entirely true, I was aware of the Atlanta Ballet’s ongoing but un-filmed version (someday!), but not of this one based on the Royal Winnipeg’s company. I found Dracula — Pages from a Virgin’s Diary when I was compiling a list of ballets to watch to go along with my planned (re)watch of Dracula films and spy thrillers. Obviously, I had to buy it, and last night my husband and I put aside a couple hours and watched it.

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Metatopia 2014 Schedule

Reviving this old site a bit to post my Metatopia 2014 schedule. I’ll be there in particular to assist Elsa S. Henry, a.k.a. @snarkbat, who’s going to be playtesting the alpha version of her game “Dead Scare” (Kickstarter likely in 2015, from Exploding Rogue games). I’ll also be helping out at her panels and attending […]

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