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Introducing Crocheted Pikathulhu

Dear internet (especially Cthulhu-lovers),

Last week over a dozen of you sent me a picture of a plush Pikathulhu doll. So I made you this:

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A Look at the Crocheted Cthulhu Saves the World Cthulhus

A little over a month ago, Zeboyd Games asked me to design a Cthulhu modeled on their Cthulhu Saves the World 8-bit character. The Cthulhu was to serve as one of the rewards for contributors to their Kickstarter fund for converting the X-Box Live game to PC. Once the Kickstarter ended, I got to work making the necessary Cthulhus (and a few more for Zeboyd to use on later occasions).

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DERANGE!!! DERANGE!!! — Introducing the Dalek-Cthulhu Hybrid

Because the universe wasn’t enough enough peril from my tiny Cthulhus, I created the Cythulhu, a Cylon-Cthulhu hybrid. And then, because I could still sleep at night, I made this:

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A Few New Cthulhus in the Shop

I’ve finally gotten the Etsy store properly restocked after Christmas. There are classic Tiny Cthulhus in swamp green, bright green, yellow, black, plum, and other colors. I’ve also made a small supply of the sleepy-eyed baby-friendly Cthulhus in green, pink, and blue:

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