Craft Writing Gig on Tor and Post on Doctor Who Crafting

I have some exciting news! I’ve got a gig as a geek crafting correspondent for Tor (a sci-fi/fantasy publisher with an awesome geeky/lit blog). I’ll be posting periodically, probably once or twice a month though possibly more often, highlighting noteworthy projects or patterns, doing themed roundups…really, whatever comes up.

My first post went up there yesterday. It’s a roundup of Doctor Who crafts of all sorts for several different kinds of crafters. This one’s mostly knitting and crocheting, but I’ll be doing my best to spotlight things in other mediums as well.

If you see something or if you’ve made something that you think fits with Tor’s audience, please send it to me or tweet it at me. I can’t guarantee that I’ll write about it or that it’ll be accepted, but it very well may be.


  1. Anassa says:

    So very, very excited for you, Ruth! That’s a great gig, and I’m glad it’s going to be a regular thing. Looking forward to the next post already! (You are planning to do Jayne Hats at some point, right?)

  2. Ruth says:

    Oh there’ll definitely be a Firefly craft roundup!

  3. Congratulations, that sounds like a lot of fun.
    I applied for the Lifehacker gig, but so did half the interwebz. . .

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