Cthulhu Visits the White House and World Bank

On Wednesday, my work Cthulhu & I were feeling a little tired of our usual lunch routine. He suggested we change things up a little and go visit one of the more powerful parts of DC. So we struck out toward the White House. (Click on photos to see bigger ones in Lightbox effect)

When we got there, Cthulhu decided we should size up the place from across the street.

Cthulhu In Lafayette Park - Across from the White House

As we crossed, we noticed that some protestors had set up a kind of shelter. Cthulhu wondered why the President doesn’t just eat all the protestors. He could smell that their brains were quite active and delicious and said that if he were elected, he’d probably eat everyone but start with the people who camped in his back yard.

Cthulhu regarding protestors

Despite the bars, Cthulhu had a very good view of the White House.

Cthluhu Looking at the White House

In fact, he asked me if it’d be ok for him to slip through and, um, visit a little more intimately. My answer was an emphatic NO and he muttered something about stars taking their sweet time about aligning.

Cthulhu Asking If He Can Visit the White House

Trying to distract Cthulhu, I pointed out the IMF down Pennsylvania Avenue. Cthulhu was intrigued and demanded that I take his picture in front of it.

Cthulhu and Pennsylvania Avenue

On our way to the IMF, Cthulhu sized up the guards outside the World Bank. But he decided that they probably wouldn’t let me come in with him and it wouldn’t be as much fun if I had to wait outside.

Cthulhu Spying on the World Bank

However he did want his picture there too.

Cthulhu at the World Bank

Finally we made it to the IMF…

Cthulhu at the IMF

…but I was more interested in the bookbinding/book art store that is peculiarly inside the IMF. Cthulhu was disappointed in me.

Cthulhu is disappointed

Then we returned to the secret bunkertotally normal place where I work.

Cthulhu and I get back to work

Still waiting on the boxes, hoping to hear about them today.

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  1. 8-bit Emma says:

    This was really fun to read! Thanks for keeping Cthulhu from a rampage! Lol.

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