Cthulhus Currently for Sale

Edit Ok, more Cthulhus available! They’re $22 including shipping to anywhere in the continental US, $18 + shipping to anywhere that I can ship them. I don’t have pics of the Dark Green Cthulhu but they’re my classic one, I just need to get some better pics. Pink Baby-Safe Cthulhu is a paler pink. Slightly lighter than the swamp green but still nice and dark. Shoot me an email, talk to me on Twitter, or leave a comment to let me know what you want and I’ll make sure that if it’s still available it’ll be sent to you shortly.

If anyone is interested in the “Regular Green Cthulhus” (middle row of the grid) and not allergic to peanuts, I also have one that had an unfortunate accident so I’m making sure it only goes to a person or household that can handle it!

And if you’re interested in being on a private email list to be notified when more come out, please let me know! Several people have asked, so I’m doing that now. Your email will not be used for anything except to notify you of a fresh batch of doom.

Number Type of Cthulhu
0 Regular Green Cthulhus
2 Dark Green Cthulhus (not pictured but slightly lighter than swamp green)
0 Swamp Green Cthulhu (pictured)
Gray-Green Cthulhu
1 Sunshine (yellow) Cthulhus
0 Bright Pink Cthulhu
0 Bright Red Cthulhu
2 Blue Cthulhu with Baby-Safe Eyes (as pictured below but regular size)
1 Pink Cthulhu with Baby-Safe Eyes (as pictured below but regular size and light pink)


  1. Rich Simon says:

    I’m interested in a dark green Cthulhu.

  2. Judy Oxford says:

    Looking for swamp-green cthulhu!


  3. Neal Phillips says:

    I’d love one swamp-green and one pink, please!

    Thank you!

  4. Christopher says:

    I want the “unfortunate accident” victim!

  5. Ozawa Maria says:

    Wow. A cute product. lol. I like it

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