DERANGE!!! DERANGE!!! — Introducing the Dalek-Cthulhu Hybrid

Because the universe wasn’t enough enough peril from my tiny Cthulhus, I created the Cythulhu, a Cylon-Cthulhu hybrid. And then, because I could still sleep at night, I made this:

Dalek-Cthulhu Hybrid

(Edited to add newer version, albeit not a great pic, which I made as a commission. I like the colors on this one:)

Dalek-Cthulhu Hybrid With Proper Colors

This one is the prototype. I haven’t had a chance to give him a proper photo shoot and won’t be listing him in my store for at least another week because of my commissions queue. Some initial notes—he doesn’t have arms or plunger/shooter appendages because arms look wrong & the others ended up looking awkward in yarn. He DOES have wings though. Think of him as Davros-esque.

I’d love to hear ideas for colors. For example, I could do a green head & a gold or brownish (or other colors…Series 5 introduced a whole new line, after all) body with wings either in green or in the body’s color. I’m also experimenting with the possibility of doing the body (and possibly head) in a darker brown and then using the yarn from this prototype to do the ball parts for contrast.

Once this goes in the Etsy store, it’ll be available mostly as a commission—which means you get to chose your color scheme!

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  1. Akhenaten says:

    The white one wings has hints of Weeping Angel about it, which makes it even scarier!

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