Dead in the Family Review

When Charlaine Harris stops writing the True Blood books or I get tired of reading them, I’ll get ahold of the DVDs and give the tv series a go. I don’t like mixing books/movies/tv while I’m in the middle of one. And since the newest in the True Blood series Dead in the Family just came out this year, I guess I’ve still got a while.

I’ve had this one on hold from the library for months now, since they’re so popular. It finally came in and I read it in a few days.

Honestly, this was not one of my favorites in the series. The previous one was especially dismal and gruesome, and the tone stayed in this book, though it wasn’t as gripping. While the seemingly-scattered plot did come together, I didn’t feel particularly gripped by it.

While trying to avoid spoilers, I can say that the plot is, indeed, family-centric. Her cousin Claude, her “husband” Eric’s “family” (“” here indicate the world as vampires see it), her little psychic cousin, and more show up and bring a mixture of trouble and adventure.

The book had more the feel of an in-between. It wrapped up elements of the last, devastating novel, and it gave us insight into a few of the non-Sookie characters. But while there were plots and the plots even fit together in terms of themes & all coming to a head together, it wasn’t the feeling of one big story with various threads which some of the other books have had.

I gave it 3.5 stars out of 5 on LibraryThing. The average rating is 3.7 with a mode of 4.

To read? Of course, if you’re reading True Blood. There’s enough plot & back-story that you can’t exactly miss it if you want to keep reading. And it’s nice to uncover a few of the things you might’ve wondered about in previous books. It’s not as painful as the one before and it’s not especially twisted (some of Charlaine Harris’s stuff gets awfully weird).

Funny fact—you can barely see it, but printed on this cover are the words “Never before published.” When I picked it up, I knew it was the next in the series but wondered if the words were to avoid confusion because it was a prequel or somehow out of the timeline. But no, it turns out that it’s just never been published before because it’s the newest book in the series, picking up shortly after the next. Just like every new book has never been published before.

Next on the list: Farnham’s Freehold by Robert Heinlein. This was a fortuitous find, left alone late at night on the metro, so I took it and started reading. We’ll see…

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