Dear Banshee:

Banshee, do you copy? It’s us, Squid and LateNight. (mouseover the pics…or else)

Looking fine in our BSG Viper pilot uniforms. Concrete underpass in the background. Pretending it's Caprica

You know, your wingmen?

Good news, we weren’t blown up. We’ve crashed on a strange planet. I think it might be…Kobol. Or even Earth.

There are ruins here, some ancient human architecture. And on it, we found an odd symbol painted…

Oh look we found Starbuck's mandala 'painted' onto the underpass. Let's ignore that it was added later. Also, those are some nice hexagonal lines

Most of the structures, if there were many, seem to have been destroyed by the forest. It’s a beautiful place, but we’ve been careful to keep an eye out for toasters.

We've got our serious faces on. We're probably looking at Cylons over the horizon

But there’s some great news! We’ve found water. And not just a bit of ice, there are streams and rivers of it here!

Dipping some fingers in the water

We followed this creek for a while and set up camp on the northern side. You’ll be able to find us by our beacon. It’s sending out an encoded signal P-A-X.

Pointing at something fascinating just off camera. Probably our new camp site.

Bring a few Raptors to help carry back the water and someone to repair the Raptor we were flying. It should be salveagable.

…but, um, no rush.

Lying happily with the sun on our faces.

End transmission.

Banshee to Squid and LateNight. You kids are gonna have to speak up over the sound of this TOTALLY AWESOME PARTY I FOUND.

Standing on the couch in a BSG pilot outfit. Dance dance dance.

Oh, what is this I’m holding in my hand? Could it be a flask?Looking curiously at something in her hand

Yeah it is.
Yep, that's definitely a flask in her hand.

I am so happening that the party follows me around the room. Check it.
Standing on another couch. Holding both a flask and a balloon. Aw yeah.

I mean, look at me.Working that seductive face. Still on a couch with a flask and balloon.

Oh, hey there, little guy. What could you be?Addressing the balloon. Still holding the flask.

It’s a balloon, you guys. A balloon. Because I’m having a party and you’re not invited.Addressing the camera, because we're not cool enough to have balloons.

Bored with balloon now.
Sudden bored face. Still holding flask.

Fly, little birdie! Fly!Tossing the balloon upward.

And that’s how you get it done.Pointing at the camera in celebration mixed with gloating

Wait, you guys aren’t actually going to leave me here, are you?Expression of serious anxiety

No, no no no guys, just hang on a sec. Seriously. Guys.Anxious look deepens, stepping back to the couch that's closer to the camera

Okay, okay, I’m lying: I’m the only one at this party. All the marines I invited got shot up when a heavy raider gave the port side a little love-bump. I don’t want to be here anymore. Guys?
Sadly holding onto braids while pleading.

Come get me?Extremely sad expression. Hunched shoulders. Bit of a sulk.

(Banshee, Squid, and LateNight will all be hanging out at PAX 2012!)

(Kobol photos by Kristen Knorr.

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