Did Sam Adama Start the Cylon Civil War?

(alternately titled “The face that launched a thousand Cylons,” which, while catchy, probably should refer to Zoe vs. Sam)

Ok. Caprica was canceled. I’d written this before that came out, so I’m still letting it post…I’ll write something else for later this week.

Tuesday’s Caprica episode, “False Labor,” is instantly one of my favorite three series episodes. Part of that’s because Sam Adama (my favorite character on the show) had a great plotline. But more than that, the episode was strongly-written, made a few important developments, and opened the door for more things we expect to see down the road. (Spoilers, as always.) You should also another hilarious After Elton “Facebook” recap.

Sam Puts Cylons Into Action

A photograph of the character Sam Adama from Caprica. Thoughtful.

Why does it matter that Sam Adama is having nightmares about his youth on Tauron? That he’s sending money there? That he’s smuggling guns behind the Guatrau’s back? Because Sam Adama is the first human to ever use Cylons in combat.*

It’s just one Cylon, but after Sam has seen its potential, he proposes to the Guatrau that just a few of these could completely turn the tide of the civil war on Tauron. The Guatrau refuses, but the rest of the episode has shown us just how much this matters to Sam. Saving Taurons (as he sees it) is more important to him than marital harmony; it’s more important than Ha’la’tha. I’m looking forward to seeing more of just what happened to Joseph and Sam as kids on Tauron and whether/how that explains Sam’s obsession.

I don’t know how he’ll do it, but I expect that by the end of the first season Sam will have gotten weapons to Tauron & it will have horribly backfired. I’m hoping that it won’t ruin his marriage the way Daniel’s obsession has.

*At least this time around. Sure, all of this has happened before and all that…

Meanwhile, Daniel is Building a Sex-Bot

And speaking of Daniel’s marriage—oh my. Avatar-Amanda’s constant requests to have sex made me think of Head-Six in the first season of BSG. And Daniel explains what we’ll see later…the avatar program has a healthy sex-drive and a desire to please built in. Of course it does. How long until people are buying these not just to bring back people who’ve died (bit creepy) or who’ve left them (creepier), but also to create avatars of people who’ve rejected them or who they’ve never had a shot with. Sure, it’d be harder than someone you had access to, but it wouldn’t be impossible.

Daniel’s not happy with his sex program, but she’s trying so hard. It mirrors Six trying to make Baltar happy in early BSG. I like that the Amanda program seems to get better over the course of the episode, even though she’s still not quite “right.”

She’s trying so hard, poor thing.

A Quick Word on “Grace” by Graystone


I’ve actually thought about this. Very much no.

Random Image of Note

When Marbeth was giving birth, I couldn’t help thinking of the hybrids/resurrection tubs. I have no idea if that’s at all connected, probably not, but the image was a similar one:

A screenshot of a woman in a tub, having just given birth. She is surrounded by members of her plural marriage who are admiring the baby.

A note on the title—in my book, it’s Daniel who starts the Cylon Civil War, not Sam. Sam may spark it by releasing Cylons into the wild, as it were, but whenever someone creates sentient slaves…it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll rebel.

And with that — Caprica’s not even coming back until the Spring, apparently, because it’d be too much work for Syfy to let us actually finish the season now.


  1. Nukdookum says:

    It’s almost like SyFy has said, “OK then, I’m leaving and taking my ball with me!” *pout* *stomp*

  2. Red says:

    This was my only appointment TV show. I posted about it on my blog.

    I have also been watching BSG, have only the last 2 eps to go. When I saw Boomer and Tyrol share the Cylon projection, I immediately thought of V-world.

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