Finally! Cthulhu Shipping Boxes Arrived

Finally! I am very unimpressed with Staples’s ship-to-store ordering system. I opted to have the Cthulhu-shipping shipped to our local store to save on postage and because it’s close. We got the e-mail that they shipped, but never that it arrived. A few days after expected date, we called, and it was there. *sigh* If we do it again, we’ll choose the phone call option.

This week’s batch of Cthulhus are both excited and disappointed:

Cthulhus and shipping boxes

I’ve gotten a handful of Cthulhus listed (and some sold!) already and will be doing a special giveaway when I get the rest (for now) done. The giveaway will be at the Cthulhu Chick site, but I’ll post about it here, too.


  1. Amy says:

    I think the Cthulhus may be plotting how to fit their creator in one of those boxes… but let’s hope not. :)

    Glad your Etsy site is up and running; it’s awesome that you have sales already!

  2. Spring says:

    I’m totally going to buy one. As soon as I have money. 😀

  3. Ruth says:

    @Amy this is why ProfX has a “no Cthulhus in the bedroom while we’re sleeping” rule.

    @Spring yay! :) Selling them has liberated my own geeky purchasing budget, which is kind of exciting.

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