Two More Free Lovecraft Readings Released by the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

I’m a fan of The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. They’re the ones who’ve gotten me through so many of the Lovecraft stories which I didn’t really enjoy and who got me to read the collaborations at all. If you’re trying to make your way through Lovecraft, try subscribing to the podcast.

But they do more than just a weekly podcast. Periodically, Chris and Chad get one of their Lovecraft readers to read an entire story, which they then edit with music and sound and everything else you’d want in a good reading and release it. It’s community-funded—they collect donations first and, once they get enough, they make the recording.

On Thursday, they released two shorter readings: “From Beyond” and “The Picture in the House.” These recordings are free, or to put it better, already paid for. Whether or not you contributed, you’re free to download, listen to, and keep them.

For “The Picture in the House,” they did a regular stereo recording and put together a 3-D recording. With a 3-D recording, you download 3 copies of the MP3 and play them simultaneously on 3 different machines. 3 computers, 3 sets of speakers, some combo thereof. The idea is to give the recording even more depth than stereo.

I haven’t done it yet, but I think I might be able to make it work between my computer, my tv (which will play MP3s on CDs), and…my husband’s laptop + speakers? We’ll see.

I really liked the recordings. I’d forgotten how good “From Beyond” is…it’d almost slipped from my Lovecraftian consciousness, though I could’ve remembered it with a few prompts. “The Picture in the House” is one of my favorite of his short stories. It’s vivid and horrifying.

If you missed their first Lovecraft audio recording “The Haunter of the Dark”, it’s also worth downloading. I’ve contributed to both recording projects and am very pleased with what they put out.

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