Giveaway: Secret History of the Necronomicon

Happy New Year! It’s been a while, but I’m doing a giveaway of Arkay Tilghman’s new ebook: The Secret History of the Necronomicon.

In The Secret History of the Necronomicon, Arkay Tilghman explores the H.P. Lovecraft’s mysterious and controversial work. First, he travels to Egypt, exploring a time and texts which contributed to Alhazred’s work. Then, he moves to the time of Alhazred and how the Templars brought Al Azif from Constantinople into Europe proper. Next, we learn more about the translations of Dr. Dee and Wormius and why Dee’s version was not published in his lifetime. Crossing the Atlantic, he uncovers stories of the Necronomicon in the New World. After a chapter dealing specifically with Lovecraft, Tilghman writes about the Necronomicon today and why we’re unlikely to see and digitized versions of the rare text.

I read and reviewed it while traveling this past weekend:

I find a lot of Lovecraftian stuff touch and go. One of the best parts of this book is definitely that it didn’t attempt to recreate the Necronomicon. Nobody’s done that well. Overall, I enjoyed. Fun read, not terribly long but I got it free from Kindle’s lending library.

Most interesting tidbit: Lovecraft apparently got the timing wrong for Wormius. Wikipedia confirmed. (4 stars)

I have two copies to give away! Right now it’s only in the Kindle store, but Arkay’s offered EPUB formats for this giveaway. Apparently the deal he has with Kindle doesn’t allow for selling on EPUB sites yet.

To enter, just comment below and answer one question–if you found the Necronomicon, what would you do with it?

I’ll pick 2 winners on Sunday around 7pm EDT using


  1. Lea Deel says:

    cannot believe I missed this! Poop! I would have gave it to my Hubby as he returned from assignment overseas and he would have loved it.

  2. Charles says:

    I wil scan it and put it for free as a torrent. Wait some days, and have fun with it 😀

  3. Douglas K. Lafayette says:

    Squee with joy so genuine that my neighbors will wonder whether it came from a human or not. Find myself inescapably drawn to its mysterious dark energies. Become obsessed with it. Spend my every ounce of energy in a vain attempt to understand and harness its power. Eventually go insane and/or be slain by some unfathomable thing that should not be. Finally, consider my HPL fandom complete.


  4. Destiny Brazille says:

    I would probably read it. I think maybe.

  5. Gary Boyd says:

    I would call the Great Old Ones to battle it out with Godzilla and Mothra. Just to settle, once and for all, who rules this puny little planet.

  6. Sorry I missed this! I always found the mystery of the Necronomicron part of its appeal. Too many answers about it would spoil it, but I think some tantalizing details could definitely make a great story.

  7. Darren McCauley says:

    After Reading The Necronomicon Enough Times To Fully Understand A Book I Have Never Read? Well, That Depends On How Much The Book Takes Control Of My Mind. In The Case That The Necronomicon Took Control Of My Thoughts, I Would Have No Choice Or Control, But To Hide It In The Safest And Most Secret Of Places Available! The Most Likely Probability, Would Be To Sell To The Highest Bidder, Considering My lack Of Monetary Funds To Adventure With… 😉

  8. Damien says:

    Well if I find the Necronomicon , I’ll go the Wilbur Whateley route and go find me some Yogsogoth (holding the key of the gate and being the gate) and then invoke some Old Ones into this mortal plane.

  9. Matthew says:

    I’d use it to learn everything I could. And to wreak havoc on my enemies.

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