Human Target’s Metro Fail in Baptiste

I’m used to #metrofail. This city sure has had a lot of it in the last year. But I was disappointed last week to see the HUGE metro fail on the Human Target episode “Baptiste.” (no spoilers except about the metro.)

Chance and Baptiste were supposedly waiting in the Rosslyn station in a conversation that stretches over the entire episode (it was the kind of episode that starts with 5 minutes from the ending and works its way back). There’s really nothing I can say about this “Rosslyn” except that anyone who’d even been a tourist in DC should know that DC metro stations look NOTHING like that. I should know, I had a job in Rosslyn and rode the train there daily for longer than I’d like to have.

This station was pretty. It had nice benches and posters; The train was lovely and blue. Sorry, DC doesn’t do pretty. The only thing that separates Rosslyn from other stations is the HUGE escalator (which could’ve made a cool escalator fight!).

The DC metro is dirt and concrete with a general “bunker” feel in the underground stations. At their best, the trains are tarnished silver and at their worst, they look kind of like they’ve been burrowing in dirt. We don’t do pretty. Rosslyn metro station:

Rosslyn metro

And just FYI, writers—if I were wounded in Georgetown and taking Amtrack out of DC I would never go to an Orange and Blue station. Dupont Circle is at least as close to Georgetown as either Rosslyn or Foggy Bottom and it’s Red line which goes straight to Union Station where he could catch his Amtrack. If I were an assassin as smart as Baptiste, I’d know this.

I know you can’t always shoot in DC, I shouldn’t really care, etc, etc. But that was a pretty pathetic bit nonetheless and something that really stood out to me. I’m sure anyone else who has lived/worked in DC also got twitchy during it. The metro is huge in our collective consciousness and the world is too small to just pass one big city off as another. For those not familiar with DC, think of a movie that claimed it was shooting in DC and had the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building in the background. You would feel the same way.


  1. Revanche says:

    Conversely, they shot that one episode of House (“documentary” style episode) at LA Union Station and I was all excited pointing out where it had been shot. Apparently they shoot quite a bit of House at the USC main campus, or so said an acquaintance who was privy to filming rights/approval. I guess that should bother people in Plainsboro?
    .-= Revanche´s last blog ..A Presumptuous Proposal =-.

  2. Ruth says:

    @Revanche I might be a little miffed if I were in Plainsboro. Somehow this feels worse, but I’m sure that’s probably only because it’s in my town. 😉

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