Introducing Crocheted Pikathulhu

Dear internet (especially Cthulhu-lovers),

Last week over a dozen of you sent me a picture of a plush Pikathulhu doll. So I made you this:

Crocheted Pikathulhu

Crocheted Pikathulhu

Crocheted Pikathulhu

I need to get some better pictures, though a few people seemed to like the dramatic lighting. Many thanks to ProfX who took these new pictures when the light got better. This Pikathulhu doesn’t have the electric bolt tail…in its place, he has accented wings. If you’d like a Pikathulhu, you can e-mail me about commissioning one. I’d rather do it by e-mail and PayPal, but I’ve also got it listed in my Etsy store.


  1. Spring says:

    OH, MY GOD.

    I have no words. This is just beyond awesome. You said people were sending you pictures? I wouldn’t have even thought of this. Like, ever.

    And I LOVE it.

  2. A. Nuran says:

    The Cute! It is devouring my brain!

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