Introducing Ruth

*waves* Hi, my name is Ruth and I’m a recovering blogger. I’ve been a blogger for years. I’m not even sure how many. Possibly 10. I was in my early teens and started on Open Diary. I experimented with a few other blogging platforms, didn’t find anything I liked. Then I moved to Xanga, Blogger, WordPress, and finally my own self-hosted WordPress.

The thing is, I turned into a genre blogger somewhere along the way. That was fine for a while and then I got sick of it. I felt like I couldn’t talk about the things that I really cared about. I felt like I had to meet certain expectations from readers and other bloggers.

So, finally, here I am. I want to write about tv shows I like, like Caprica & Star Trek, and crafting and library school and WordPress coding and books and writing and everything I didn’t feel free to write about before. No guarantees on posting schedule. No guarantees on topic. This is me, being me again. And I hope that it turns into something good. I was going to hold off for a while while I got things set up, but then I realized that I wanted to write about X, Y, & Z. Now. So I am.

But I’m still getting my wings. I’m adjusting back into something I haven’t done for a while and I might be awkward at first. I’m hoping that passes soon.

You can check out my about page for a real bio.


  1. Revanche says:

    Caprica? I happily take a break from my work to leave you with this link, then:

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