I’ve Figured Out Who I’d Like to Cosplay

I’ve toyed around with cosplaying since I was about 14. At the time I was a big Trek fan and very into DS9. So, like any proper DS9 fan, I bought myself a uniform (because though I was ok with a sewing machine, a Trek uniform isn’t the easiest thing to make). But it never fit quite right and I was never confident enough to wear it out. So other than a few times in my room, the costume got no use.

Nowadays, I’m a fan of more shows so in theory there’s more to choose from. I also have better sewing skills and plan to go to SDCC so I’ve been giving it some serious consideration. I think I’ve finally figured out what I’d like to cosplay as, but I’m going to start with the top rejected ideas.

Jadzia Dax from DS9

She’s really smart, kind of nerdy, poised, fun, and hot. I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to play Jadzia, but when I bought the Trek uniform I bought a science one like hers. I figured it’d work great with a simple braid. Here are the two DS9 uniforms.

Jadzia Dax Original Uniform

Jadzia Dax Second Uniform

I owned the original one, however both of them have the same big problem for me. Star Trek’s not really good with uniforms. There’s a lot of tight jumpsuity-ness going on and even if it’s not as awkward as Jake’s 1st season jumpsuit, it’s still not a good thing. It just wouldn’t fit right around the crotch.

I probably should have kept it to see what I could do with it, but in a post-college fit of pique I threw it away. *sigh*

Kaylee from Firefly

Kaylee is probably my favorite sci-fi character. She’s a little bit of light on the ship, she’s brilliant about the things she cares about, she’s excitable but shy when she gets too excited. She’s basically a combination of what I am and what I would like to be.

Kaylee Firefly

The only problem is that Jewel Staite is lovely. So as Kaylee, she can wear less-than-pretty clothes (like baggy jumpsuits—which are vastly preferable to the tight Trek ones) and make them adorable. I think that to actually look good in anything Kaylee wears, I’d need a haircut to match her. Otherwise I’d look more practical than cute (bun, braid, etc) and I couldn’t really rock it.

Inara from Firefly

Inara has the best clothes ever.

Inara Firefly

And if I’m going to put that much effort into clothes, I think I’d concentrate on making myself something beautiful for general purposes rather than specifically for Inara.

Abby from NCIS

Again, Abby’s a very smart chica. Her clothes are kind of fun and exciting.

Abby from NCIS

This would be pretty easy to do, actually, since her look could be found at a lot of stores that cater to goths. But to get the right effect, I’d have to use a wig and/or dye my hair. I guess I’m just not that committed to cosplay.

(ProfX asked if I wanted to cosplay Ziva from NCIS, since I’ve mentioned wanting to dress like her. But I just like her style…she doesn’t really have a costume, just a reasonably good wardrobe.)

So that’s what I don’t want to play. What I think I do want to play is:

Fighter Pilot from Battlestar Galactica – Yes

Starbuck from Battlestar

1) The costume works. It fits my body-type (which is rather like Starbuck’s but a little bigger in the hips). I know I look good in A-shirts and jeans. It doesn’t require anything complicated with the hair or makeup, a simple braid is very appropriate.

And I don’t have to look pretty.

2) It’s generic, like the science officer’s uniform. I’m brunette, so I’m not a match for Starbuck and I’m not Asian, so I’m not a match for Boomer. It’s also a little less weird not being a particular character. I’ll never be Kaylee or Inara or Abby.

3) It’s achievable. I will probably have to buy the top shirt and definitely the dog tags, but the other parts are things I can find on my own.

Of course, all this depends on whether or not I like the rest of Battlestar or whether I like it enough to cosplay it. I’m just about to start Season 2.5 and so far it’s been great. :) Fortunately, I’m generally good at compartmentalizing seasons, so even if I don’t like the last season or the ending, I could probably still enjoy cosplaying it.

Once I finish BSG, I’ll make my call. Then it’s hunting down the outfit.


  1. Rosalind says:

    Okay, so I think the entirety of BSG was one of the greatest complete science fiction shows in existence, so I imagine you will love it and I love the costume idea!
    .-= Rosalind´s last blog ..Mostly Harmless Guide to Life =-.

  2. Becky Neisius says:

    I have been wanting to cosplay at Starbuck from BSG for ages. When I go to a con other then PAX, I will be going as Starbuck. Though it would be fun to do her for Halloween in this military like city I am moving to.

    I would say go with Starbuck, that would be awesome on you!

  3. GeekInsight says:

    BSG is a fantastic series. While season 4.5 had some less-than-ideal qualities, overall it’s still one of the best shows a geek could watch. And the double tank top will be very recognizable.
    .-= GeekInsight´s last blog ..Recap: Of Barbarians and Triplica =-.

  4. @nerdsherpa says:

    If you feel the need to be a specific character, there’s always Racetrack. She’s one of the second-tier characters, so she doesn’t get much screen time, but any time something important happens with a Raptor, she’s generally the one piloting it.

    I couldn’t find any useful shots of her in the tank-top outfit, but there are some decent pictures of her on imdb. The actress’s name is Leah Cairns.

    In the show, she usually has the bun or sensible braid thing going on, and she’s got brown hair.

  5. Ruth says:

    @Rosalind, Becky, GeekInsight Feeling even more excited! I’m just loving BSG so far, but I know shows can change. Glad to see others who love it after finishing it.

    @nerdsherpa Racetrack, that’s perfect!! I’ll have to look up her character, but it’s recognizable & obscure at the same time.

  6. I am also a big BSG and now Caprica fan, but I have always liked the Stargate SG1 costumes which are very similar to your choice. Most of the costume items are adapted from current military issue so easy to obtain. You just need the patches.

  7. Amy says:

    Ooh Inara does have the prettiest clothes. I would love to work on a peach dress like that sometime.

    The Battlestar BDUs are a perfect choice! If you dig around stores like Target, you might be able to find a tank for the top shirt – just wear them backwards. 😀
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Pink Raygun Post: Steampunk Costumes – More than Just Gears =-.

  8. Jovana says:

    You threw away your Startrek uniform :<
    .-= Jovana´s last blog ..Little-known Startrek Facts: unless you’re a Trekkie =-.

  9. Ruth says:

    @Matt My sister’s a big fan of those uniforms. :)

    @Amy Brilliant! I need to learn more about thinking this way….

    @Jovana You can’t kick me harder than I’ve kicked myself. :(

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