Keep Calm Poster and Elder Sign Necklace

Recently, I’ve had the chance to do some swaps with other Lovecraftian artists, one a visual artist and the other a metal-worker/etcher. I now have an awesome poster on my cubicle wall and a necklace with an Elder Sign on it, to keep the shoggoths away.

Keep Calm and Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn! Poster

Keep Calm and IA! IA! Cthulhu Fhtagn!

The Keep Calm print is by Robyn Seale of The Watcher of Yaathagggu, which I mentioned a while back in a post on Lovecraftian Webcomics. There are a few other Keep Calm prints with Lovecraftian twists floating around, but none I liked so much as this one. Several coworkers have agreed that it’s perfect.

Elder Sign Charm

Elder sign. It wards off shoggoths:

My Elder Sign Now with new Shoggoth-off powers

The Elder Sign charm by Creative Etching was something I’d lusted after for a while. He was able to do a special order for me in silver, and while it’s not quite as precise as his brass work, it’s exactly what I wanted. I’m particularly happy to have the Elder Sign which Lovecraft sketched, not the later eye-star pattern. There’s an entire section of the Creative Etching store devoted to Lovecraft.


  1. Ed says:

    Nice! I like your Blue Sun T-shirt, too.

  2. AndreaD says:

    Hi!! I’m obsessed with that poster of “Keep calm and…”… it’s the best so far! can you tell me where you buy it?

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