Metatopia 2014 Schedule

Reviving this old site a bit to post my Metatopia 2014 schedule. I’ll be there in particular to assist Elsa S. Henry, a.k.a. @snarkbat, who’s going to be playtesting the alpha version of her game “Dead Scare” (Kickstarter likely in 2015, from Exploding Rogue games). I’ll also be helping out at her panels and attending the “Our Town” event along with her (although I’m not going to be playtesting).

I’m looking forward to playing in three games and attending one of Ken Hite’s panels. I’d hoped to go to a few other things, but the overlap didn’t make it work this year. I’m hoping to get involved in a pickup game or two or just hang out or drink with some awesome people.

Date Time Event
Friday 11am–1pm R113:“Five Fires” by Thoughtcrime Games; presented by Quinn Murphy
4pm-5pm D023: Addressing Harassment in Gaming Communities
6pm-7pm D028: “Bisociation, Mashups, the Uncanny, and the Weird: Toward an Aesthetic of Setting Bricolage” with Ken Hite
8pm-10pm R220: “Dead Scare” by Blind Lady Versus; presented by Elsa Henry
Saturday 9am-10am D035: “Designing for Disability Access” presented by Elsa Henry
12pm-2:30pm L307: “Our Town” by Phoenix Outlaw Productions; presented by Shoshana Kessock.
5pm-6pm D059: “Disability in Gaming” presented by Russell Collins, Elsa Henry, and Shoshana Kessock.
8pm-midnight R417: “TimeWatch Parallel Realities” by Pelgrane Press; presented by Kevin W. Kulp.
Sunday 10am-noon R457: “Project: Dark” by Gameplaywright Press; presented by Will Hindmarch.
noon-2pm R482: “Dead Scare” by Blind Lady Versus; presented by Elsa Henry.

If you’re going to be there, I hope I’ll see you around.

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