My favorite D&D spell — Phantasmal Killer

For a little Monday fun, what’s your favorite spell/weapon/tool in an RPG? Doesn’t have to be D&D, but since that’s the only one I played, mine comes from there.

My favorite character was Anya (strangely enough, I didn’t start Buffy until after naming her), a half-elf/half-human battle sorceress. If you’re not familiar with the class, a battle sorcerer/ess is a variant of sorcerer who knows fewer spells than a regular sorcerer but has much better battle skills.

The spell was:

Phantasmal Killer(PH p260)
<Ill(phantasm)[fear][mind], VS, 1StdAct, Mediumrange,
WillDisbelief, SR applies>
– The targeted creature sees its worst fear
(though no one else sees anything). If the
target fails its Will save, it must then make a
Fortitude save. If it fails, the target dies. If
successful, the target takes still 3d6 damage.

Isn’t it awesome? Just casting the spell means that the target takes a minimum 3d6 of damage. And unless it makes both a Will & a Fortitude save, it dies. It’s a kick-ass 4th level spell. My DM used to read it as “The evil wizard looks next to him, screams in terror, and dies of a heart attack.”

I didn’t prepare it every time, but it was a lot of fun to cast on the right target.

What’s your favorite spell or super-cool weapon/tool?


  1. Rosalind says:

    I haven’t ever gotten a particularly high level DnD character yet, as most of my games were low end, so I haven’t really encountered too many awesome spells. Although, my newest character for a game that starts next week is a druid, so that should be fun! I’m also playing with a new weapon, I don’t remember the name, but it is a long staff with a blade on the end! Fun!
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  2. Ruth says:

    My first character was a Druid. Except for some of the metal rules, it’s a fun class. And you don’t have to prepare spells so you can use everything that’s available (though my memory may be flawed, I just remember a lot of flexibility). There are some good ones. :)

  3. GeekInsight says:

    Bag of Holding. As DM, I gave one to all my adventurers just so that I wouldn’t have to worry about encumberance rules. Anything that simplified my record keeping was the best ability ever.
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  4. Ruth says:

    Good call. I got the ThinkGeek Bag of Holding 1) because of how much I liked the in-game one and 2) because I needed a sturdy bag. Our DM heavily encouraged using those. My first character was a halfling and he made her use one because she was so little & otherwise it was something that we really had to worry about.

  5. Jovana says:

    Ruth – that Bag of Holding is a beaut, lol, from Thinkgeek.

    I play a tiefling warlock but unfortunately, we didn’t play enough for me to really level her up.

    Our DM left merely two months after we started, so we haven’t had a chance to play more…

  6. kakademon says:

    This spell is not so awesome as you read it.

    If target made his Will save, he suffer no damage or any other ill condition, he just haven’t belive in this illusion.

    Only if he belives(failed Will), he can die(failed Fort) or survive(made Fort) but suffer 3d6 damage. It’s much similar to a Finger of Death, but you have Will save to disbelive the entire spell. Good versus rogues, not so good versus anyone else.

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