Nebulae that Will Blow Your Mind

My favorite thing about NASA is their telescopes—on Earth and out in space. I subscribe to the NASA Image of the Day (I also subscribe to Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day because you’re more likely to get stars) and am always excited when they show a planet or a galaxy or a nebula. Some pictures are visual spectrum, others ultraviolet, others x-ray, and still others a combo. I swap around the images as wallpaper on my work computer so there’s always something new to look at.

And hey, since we taxpayers are funding NASA, we get to use the images without copyright worries. So I’d like to share the three nebulae that made me say “WTF?!” when I first saw them. Click on the image to have it pop up in a lightbox.

Wizard Head Nebula

Wizard Head Nebula

This is a little bit of a stretch, but if you stare at it for long enough (and I did) the wizard just jumps right out at you! He’s brooding over something. This image is an infrared scan by the WISE mission.

Witch Head Nebula

Witch Head Nebula

The Witch Head Nebula is a reflection Nebula associated with Rigel. And she has the face of a fairy-tale witch. WTF.

Wait – What IS That?

Giant Hand in Space

This is a pulsar whose spinning is throwing off an X-ray nebula which was picked up by NASA’s Chandra Observatory. And it’s a giant hand in space. I feel like NASA’s just fucking with us on this one.

Forget watching clouds, there’s a lot to be seen in space. And for me that’s somewhere between being extremely weird and awe-inspiring.

Happy April Fool’s Day—I swear these are all real.


  1. Revanche says:

    Somewhere out there, someone is insanely good at photoshop. Really.
    .-= Revanche´s last blog ..In the Community =-.

  2. Ruth says:

    Haha. :) I first ran across the Witch’s Head one on an amateur astronomy site & I couldn’t even believe it so I had to check it out on NASA.

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