One of my favorite things about the cartoons Jess did for my back-to-school post was the adorable t-shirt she drew for me.

A drawing of a library student wearing a tshirt which reads OMG BOOKS!

OMG BOOKS — about as excited as a young librarian-in-training could get about her field. I ended up with a severe case of t-shirt lust. Jess said she was feeling it too (as an awesome English person, not a librarian). So she got me the image and we put them up on two different print-your-own style sites since we each had style preferences. There’s one on Redbubble and another on Zazzle. You can pick your shirt color/style from a variety of options.

Mine just got here and I’m pretty frakking excited about it. So here a pic with what I think is the appropriate facial expression for wearing this shirt:

A photograph of me smiling and wearing a copy of that tshirt

Fortunately for those around me, I will not be able to do that 24/7 while wearing this shirt. Will I wear it to library school? Most likely!


  1. 8-bit Emma says:

    Whoa! That’s an awesome illustration of the cool powers of the internet. It looks great!

  2. Terry says:

    Okay, that is awesome! :) I’m thinking you should do a live-action recreation of the comic now that you have the shirt.

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