R’lyeh Rising Spring 2011 Sale and Update on R’lyief Sale

Edited to update that it’s now over. The last Cthulhus are being completed and an update will be posted when the donation is made. Stay tuned for September! 4-1-11

March is a special month for Cthulhu. At the beginning of March of 1925, R’lyeh began to rise and haunt the dreams of sensitive folk. And on March 23, 1925, great Cthulhu awakened and the world was nearly plunged into madness.

This week, the week of March 23, 2011 (March 21st – March 26th), I’m having a sale on Cthulhus in my store, specifically those in the Ready to Ship area of my store (NOT the commissions). During this week, you can use the coupon code: RLYEH2011 to take 15% off any Cthulhu that’s already been made and is ready to ship.

That includes most of the members of this bowl of spring Cthulhus:

Spring Cthulhus

Update on the R’lyief Sale

Through the joy of Twitter, the project to raise money for relief efforts in Japan and worldwide has been dubbed a R’lyief Sale (drawing on the Mennonite tradition of relief sales, often of handcrafted items) and these particular WeeThulhus are being called “Carethulhus.”

Over the weekend I got a number of the pre-orders done. I plan to have the pre-orders shipped and the rest on the site and ready for people to snap up by March 31st. I’m in a wedding over the weekend of the 25th-27th, but I still hope to be on track. If not, I’ll let you know on Twitter and Facebook.

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