Ruth’s New Take on Facebook

Earlier this year, I basically shut down my real Facebook account. I still have it, but just for relatives and even then I almost never login. Unfortunately, Facebook has its uses. You can join groups, participate in conversations…it’s not unlike Twitter, or a forum, you can see things from outside it but to actually participate, you have to join.

So this week I decided to take a new approach to the whole thing. I do not like the idea of Facebook as a Face-book. I’m not interested in putting all my online activities under my real name. Sure, some of you may know it, but this blog doesn’t come up when you google for me—neither does my Twitter account, neither does anything else for this persona. This is very much me, but I like a little barrier between myself and a permanent record of my name. Not because I’m embarrassed but because it isn’t everyone’s business.

I’m approaching Facebook, therefore, like I would approach any other social media site. I signed up under another name. Having to pick a last name was a real pain in the butt, but I settled on “Lovecrafted” because it not only made it obvious to people in the know that it wasn’t my real name but also give them a clue it was me instead of picking some random last name.

You’re not supposed to have multiple Facebook accounts, but Facebook you don’t want to shut me down on this one because I’ll actually be using it & making you ad money/giving you views. Shut this one down & the other one will get used even less.

You can find me on there at:

I’ll be using it for liking things I’m interested in, following fan pages, posting the occasional status update, and maybe even posting pictures. I’m also working on a CthulhuChick fan page. If you’re someone I know on here, interested in any of that, & ok with friending a person who’s not quite as open on Facebook as others, then I’d be happy to friend you.


  1. Daniel says:

    While I don’t use Facebook, I like the way you’re using it and hope you enjoy it!

  2. 8-bit Emma says:

    I also don’t use Facebook, but I think you have the right idea with how to deal with it! I like the last name you picked. :)

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