Where to Find Me at SDCC

Wednesday morning, I fly out to San-Diego for my first (and probably only for a while after this) Comic-Con!

My ideal schedule is up on Comic-Con’s scheduling site and it’s public/consistently updated so you can see where you’re likely to bump into me.

Sadly, I will not be able to make the Lovecraft panel on Thursday night as I have w00tstock tickets. Those are two events I would pass up almost anything else to miss, which is sad. But that’s life. I think all-in-all I’d rather do w00tstock with my friends and learn about the Lovecraft panel from recaps online.

Oh, and pictures! I’ll be wearing 2 Cthulhu t-shirts (with tentacle hair clip), cosplaying one day in a BSG uniform, and wearing something else on the last day, I guess. This is me:

Cthulhu Chick

Cthulhu Chick with Cthulhus

And this is me in costume (sans belt/sidearm):

Cthulhu Chick in BSG Costume

I should also be carrying this Tentacle Messenger Bag by Raygun Robyn:

Tentacle Bag from Raygun Robyn

There will be a couple Cthulhus in the bag each day. Because if you’re traveling, why not bring Cthulhus for company?


  1. Nick says:

    Cthulhu’s make the best travel companions! Harold is my designated shotgun. 😀

  2. It was an awesome moment when you were visiting and Harold just jumped out of your bag! :)

  3. Spring says:

    That is the best. bag. ever.

  4. Osiris says:

    That bag is like a leaf on the wind.

  5. Raygun Robyn says:

    Thanks for posting my bag! Yer gonna look so rad. Say hello to SDCC for me!

  6. VincentV says:

    Just found this page. This has got to be the best Cthulhu-related blog EVER!

  7. Joseph says:

    1. Thank you so much for your work.
    2. You’re very beautiful.

  8. Reggie says:

    What a cool person you are 😀

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