Six Crocheted Cthulhus Bound for Australia

I guess it was 2 weeks ago that I wrote I was doing the Softies for Mirabel charity drive a group in Australia. After squeezing in as many Cthulhus as I could between orders, I sent them off last Saturday. There ended up being six total. Three are Cuddly Cthulhus, one is a baby-eyed pink Cthulhu and two are the new stocking-stuffer/purse-sized/small-child-sized model:

I’d been a bit worried that with that many it’d be budget-breakingly heavy, but the shipping was only a bit over $15.

While I’m glad I could send these to Australia, I’m hoping to find something local I can contribute to next year. A lot of toy drives request you keep things in their packaging, etc, so I’m going to have to find one that takes hand-made items. If you know of one in the States or on the East Coast or especially in the DMV area, please let me know!

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