The Day the Cthulhus Hunted My Bunny

(…a story in pictures. Images are linked to larger versions which show up in lightbox on the site.)

Once upon a time there were far fewer Cthulhus in my apartment. It was December and a snowstorm hit Metropolis, leaving me to find indoor ways to occupy my Saturday. I was merrily cooking meals for the week when the Cthulhus escaped from their holding bag and began stalking my stuffed bunny, Fiver.

Bunny surrounded by Cthulhus

A dozen Cthulhus surrounded the poor terrified bunny. His shrieks of terror rang out over the sound of my iPod and I hurried to the scene.

Woolly faces of madness

“Look into our woolly faces of madness and despair, oh floppy-eared one.”

Large Cthulhu prepares to leap

The largest Cthulhu in the pack (I made him using a bigger crochet hook) prepared to leap from his perch and devour Fiver’s delicious brainsssss…

The waiting Cthulhus gibbered in anticipation

The waiting Cthulhus gibbered in anticipation…

No escape for the bunny

There was no escape for the terrified bunny. His shrieks nearly shattered my ear drums, but the Cthulhus only gibbered more excitedly.

Teddy bears sneak up on Cthulhus

But the tiny Cthulhus, intent on their prey, had not heard the teddy bears sneak up behind them.

Teddy bears defeat Cthulhus

Pouncing and swatting, Augustus and Daschell came to Fiver’s aid and left the menace of Cthulhus in a disoriented daze.

Final Cthulhu prepares to attack

“No!!” shrieked the eldest (and apparently blurriest) of those hideous elder gods. “Those sweet sweet brains are mine to nom!”

Cthulhu pouncing on bear

He pounced on Daschell, the larger of the bears, whose brain would presumably also be the larger and, he hoped, the tenderer.

Teddy bear shakes Cthulhu

But Daschell was too quick for him and brought the smaller beast down, growling as he closed his teeth around the Cthulhu’s throat and shook it.

Bunnies are friends, not food

At this point, I had to intervene before anyone actually got eaten. I sat down with the bunny on my lap and addressed the crowd of Cthulhus. “Bunnies are friends, not food.” I could only pray that they believed me.

Group hug with Cthulhus

Fiver forgave the Cthulhus and we closed the lecture with a group hug.

….yet a prickle of fear went down my spine as I felt a set of tiny jaws nomming on my arm.



  1. Rosalind says:

    That was too cute and amusing! Love it.
    .-= Rosalind´s last blog ..Weekly Link Goodness 5-22-10 =-.

  2. Jovana says:

    Haha, I love it as well. Have you considered selling your little creations? They are SO adorable. I want one! Haha :)
    .-= Jovana´s last blog ..Microsoft vs. Apple (Old-School Commercials) =-.

  3. Amy says:

    Hahaha, I almost fell off my chair laughing. This is wonderful and adorable! 😀 I’m so glad there was a group hug at the end.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Behind the Renfaire Scene, Interview with a vendor =-.

  4. Ruth says:

    @Rosalind thanks! :)

    @Jovana yes I have. Enough people are interested that I’m working on getting a logo to do an Etsy store.

    @Amy :) Now I don’t think I could hug all my Cthulhus. Or catch them all at once. This could be a crowd-control disaster!

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  6. Machan says:

    They are adorable!!! I’m learning to do them :)
    .-= Machan´s last blog ..Anuncio: próximamente =-.

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