“The Things We Lock Away” — Caprica Season 1, Episode 12

This week’s Caprica episode, “The Things We Lock Away,” was perfectly-titled and a very good conclusion to last week’s episode. It was also more of a chapter than a plot-driven episode on its own, which makes it harder to review (though next week’s episode is looking fantastic). So I thought I’d take another route and ask other Caprica fans a question.

Spoilers, of course.

This episode introduced us to Zoe’s own invisible friend, a-la invisible-Six or she was called on BSG. So I’m wondering what you make of invisible-Zoe?

I can’t tell if she’s part of Zoe’s consciousness, perhaps part that fractured off when she had a really traumatic incident in her childhood. Or perhaps she’s something mystical that’s always been there. I don’t know and I don’t know what I want it to be either.

Were this not tied into BSG, I’d hypothesize that this invisible-Zoe split off when little Zoe realized that her parents weren’t going to come for her and she was on her own. That this Zoe carries a lot of anger for her parents and abandonment issues combined with a strong self-preservation instinct. But I suppose we’ll learn more later.

[And more thoughts after sleeping on it:] There’s a kind of Zoe/Baltar parallel in that both of them are complete geniuses who developed angels/invisible-people after going through a traumatic event. For Zoe, it was the fire, so it happened when she was young. For Baltar, it was the destruction of the colonies.



  1. MissMeggles says:

    I totally think Head!Zoe is just that- a being like Six or Head!Baltar. I mentioned as much to Sylvie-Anne in a tweet yesterday. Whatever Head!Zoe is all I can say is I can’t wait to find out..

  2. Eleni says:

    The introduction of Head-Zoe was very, very intriguing. I was really confused at first–Is she dreaming? Was she crazy?–but once I made the connection to BSG it made more sense (I wonder how people who haven’t seen BSG would interpret it). Since Head-Six and Head-Baltar turned out to be guiding the people who saw them to something good, it makes me sort of expect that Head-Zoe is an angel guiding Zoe, then avatar Zoe to something good. Is this God’s plan? Of course, Head-Six for a LONG time seemed to be encouraging Baltar to do pretty questionable things, so who knows what Head-Zoe will be doing along the way. In any case, I’m really looking forward to seeing where they’re going.

  3. Ruth says:

    I was thinking about it yesterday & I think I’d be disappointed if Head Zoe were just an angel. That’s probably what she’s meant to be, at least if that’s what Head-Six & Head Baltar were in the end. But I guess I’d prefer her to be something a little more native to Zoe and not something that meant for all of this to happen.

    Then again, it would explain Zoe’s complete confidence that certain things were supposed to happen.

  4. Luweezz says:

    I’d about given up on Caprica until this Zoe episode. I don’t care about any of the human characters. Amanda was so annoying I was okay she jumped off the bridge. She may redeem herself yet. Anyway, I think BSG fans are supposed to make the Baltar/Six connection. What I don’t know, did BSG ever answer the question about what that relationship was? Didn’t they show them together in our time at the end? Regardless, it did spice up the show to give Zoe an invisible friend of unknown origin. Zoe is really the only character to connect to and that is ironic as she is the future of the cylons, unless there is some other twist to come.

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