Things That Are Making Me Happy Today…

Over the weekend, I got two exciting packages in the mail! The first was from Emma at Chronic Geek, whose Cthulhu dice game contest I won. She included a cute little Hello Cthulhu drawing too!

Cthulhu Dice

Cthulhu dice is a fun game from the Munchkin people. You roll to try to steal sanity from your opponent or to have Cthulhu eat their sanity. It’s not a long, in-depth game, more like an airport game to kill time. Sweet-talked ProfX into playing 5 rounds with me so I’d get used to how it’s played. I won, 3-2. 😀

Second, I got my order of Geeky Clean soap. Took a picture of magic missile & fireball chilling together.

Magic Missile and Fireball Soap

The immature part of me thinks they look like boobs and played with them accordingly when they first got here. But it’s supposed to be radiating energy/fire, which I can see too. I also got the Bar Trek soap, which smells delicious and is already in my bathtub. They all have d20s in them, which gets me inordinately excited.

And in other geeky news, we should be starting Doctor Who Series 3 tonight! While I’m going to miss Rose (something that surprises me), I’m excited about Martha and not feeling the same loss I did when the 9th Doctor left. But yes, I cried at the end of Series 2. I have a heart.

Also exciting, the in-laws were given a new tv so they gave us their pretty-new tv. This is great because our old one was a bit fritzy, but we were just living with it. Now we’ve got one that’s quite new and works beautifully! It’ll also hande VGA feed. 😀


  1. Jovana says:

    I’m planning on visiting a friend in the states for a couple of months – I’m definitely going to be buying some of those geeky soaps (I’m scared to think of what shipping might cost)…

    Congrats on winning those dice! =)

  2. Spring says:

    lol I love the drawing Emma sent with the dice. How cute.

  3. Eleni says:

    d20s inside? That’s a good way to make sure a geek stays squeaky clean, haha. “Must get to the d20, must get to the d20!” (Scrub scrub scrub).


  4. Ruth says:

    @Jovana I love the geeky soap movement. It combines something I need with something I want. :)

    @Spring Me too! I knew I had to include a photo of it to share.

    @Eleni *shuffles feet* It’s like trying to figure out how many lick to get to the center of a tootsie pop only much more exciting!! I want my d20s!

  5. 8-bit Emma says:

    Yay! So glad you enjoyed the game.

  6. Amy says:

    Aww, yay – what a rocking day. The Hello Kitty Cthulhu is adorable. I’d love to pit that one against the actual Hello Kitty. It would be entertaining!

    Soap with a D20 prize. I would so be slicing it in half with a knife to bust out the D20 sooner. Well… towards the end anyway. 😀

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