Two Great Lovecraftian Webcomics

In the last month, I’ve discovered two amazing Lovecraftian webcomics, Lovecraft is Missing and The Watcher of Yaathagggu. They’re really graphic-novels-in-progress, but since they’re being published like webcomics, I think that’s a more fitting name for them right now. I’ve caught up on the archives of both and wanted to share a bit about why I like them and why you should check them out!

Lovecraft is Missing

Lovecraft is Missing‘s title is self-explanatory. But it’s not just the search for a missing author, it’s the story of a young horror writer (not Lovecraft), an awesome archivest, and a grumpy priest seeking out evil (and Lovecraft) in Providence.

The plot pulls in various Lovecraftian characters and references, but it’s definitely its own plot, not some attempt to mesh Lovecraft’s stories together. I’ve read a lot of Lovecraftian stories that I didn’t like, so finding one which is a fun, engaging read is a real treat! Points for good artwork, extra points for kickass female archivist—the kind of person I’d want to be if I were in a Lovecraft story.

According to the author it’s a single story in 6 issues, and will take as long as it takes to get done. (This is why it’s really more of a novel than webcomic, it has a purpose, plot, and completion date.) I recommend reading through the archives to see if you like it too. Start here.

The Watcher of Yaathagggu

Watcher is a newer comic and a bit less explicitly Lovecraftian, though it appears to be in the Lovecraft ‘verse. In this world, a darkness has fallen and it’s up to the Watchers to tend a lighthouse. It seems that if their lights ever go out, evil from the deep may infiltrate the city. Or, as the author describes it:

Yaathagggu (pronounced yah-THAG-goo) is a city surrounded by eldritch horrors and absolute darkness.

Pieta Gaolwynne is a perimeter watcher, tasked with guarding the city by keeping her lighthouse running and survey the ocean, which stands as the greatest threat.

But things aren’t right with her tower or with the city, and one unlikely protagonist is thrust into a plot of mystery, intrigue and madness.

Tantalizing, eh? As I said, it’s newer and so there’s not a whole lot of it yet. But I like the setup, the artwork, and what we’ve seen so far. Worth checking out — start here!

Anything I’m missing

Anyone else know of any Lovecraftian webcomics/graphic novels online that I should be checking out?


  1. I do a weekly Lovecraft comic on my site. It’s comedic, but there meant as supplemental reading for his stories.

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  5. Alex Bradley says:

    How about Miskatonic U at ? It’s an even mix of eldritch horror and campus comedy set in the 19-teens.

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