Update on Impending Cthulhus

Still waiting for a shipment of boxes to arrive at Staples, should be by the end of the week. After that, I’ll be ready to start listing. Just worried about selling before I have a guaranteed supply of shipping boxes.

In the meantime, I’ve experimented with a few non-Etsy ways of selling Cthulhus through the site itself so I wouldn’t have to account for Etsy fees in pricing. But while the WP-ECommerce plugin almost worked, it had some problems when it came to PayPal if you decided not to go through with the purchase after you’d already clicked off to go to PayPal and pay. It would still send an e-mail saying you’d bought it, which I was afraid people would find confusing. ZenCart was ok, but too complicated for the scale/number of Cthulhus.

So Etsy it is for now. However, if you don’t have/want an Etsy account but do want to buy a Cthulhu privately, you can always contact me.

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