We Pissed Off the Weather Gods, Didn’t We?

My skin is glistening, and not in a hot bodywash commercial kind of way. I’m just hot because it’s 80-something degrees in my apartment. In April. In the first week of April.

Just 2 months ago (really? wow) our city was buried under several feet of snow from a series of blizzards each dropping well over a foot. I was walking through that to Giant to buy groceries because the last 4 inches of snow & ice hadn’t been plowed off our road.

Our building is supposed to install a/c units in the bedroom (FINALLY) but they hadn’t yet gotten to that. So I’m not sleeping very well. Thank goodness for the ceiling & floor fans we already had because…well, DC summers area always hot and we’ve been here a couple years without a/c in the bedroom.

I think we need to sacrifice something to appease the weather gods. I’d make a Congress joke, but with the healthcare fallout that’s not really as funny.

The good news is that today we’re supposed to get thunderstorms which will end the madness.

Despite the heat, I’ve been having a really busy week. Before it got too hot to run outside or in our currently-un-air-conditioned apartment (until Summer) complex gym I started running again for the first time since a foot injury months ago. It’s healed up great and I’m loving it.

I’ve also got 2 clients for my sideline work and a bajillion tv episodes to watch. This is week 2 of 3 for the Battlestar Galactica season 1 DVDs I borrowed from the library, so those are taking priority. I’m also trying to get through David Tennant’s Doctor and do the Firefly rewatch for this week, which I’m behind on. And then the 100th episode of Bones is tonight & I’ve got to watch that.



  1. vered says:

    Earthquakes aside, I’m so happy to be living in Northern California. :)

  2. Revanche says:

    Are you suggesting that offering up the Congress to the WeatherGods would not be funny? *sigh* Oh well ….

    Augh, I’ve got to get my act together too. Between trying to get enough sleep to face another day, and feeding myself, I haven’t paid nearly enough attention to my side gig and I’m feeling all kinds of guilty about that. More stress than guilt, but definitely some guilt. Gotta really do a LOT of work on Saturday. *looking around* why am I venting on your blog?
    .-= Revanche´s last blog ..New cooking routines =-.

  3. Ruth says:

    @Vered – wildfires? That scares me more about California than anything else.

    @Revanche – because we’re friends? 😉 And because I’m in bed so you couldn’t chat my about it? Anyway you just started a new job so I think it’s fair that you’re not as involved in your side gig right now.

  4. Revanche says:

    All good points, that’s why I’m here. 😉 Well, excuses or not, I’d better get my butt in gear because I DID sign a contract and want to make a great impression!
    .-= Revanche´s last blog ..I dub thee "Super Saturday!" =-.

  5. Ruth says:

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be awesome. Sometimes it really sucks balancing work & freelance work, but the payoff can be awesome and sometimes it’s even good for the old brain.

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