Where I Spent My Weekend (with pictures!)

I know I’ve been overdoing it lately. A few weeks ago I had what looks like it was a bad anxiety attack combined with a bad allergic reaction to ragweed (which I didn’t realize at the time and which contributed to the anxiety because breathing is good). Nevertheless, I decided to make the 14-hour trek (round trip) to see a friend get married in upstate PA on Labor Day weekend.

I met the bride on my second day of classes in college and we found out we had two classes together. She became a close friend and eventually housemate and roommate. I cried in her lap about my mom’s diagnosis and supported her when she broke up with an abusive asshole. She was already wonderful in college, but she’s developed and matured into an even more amazing person, perhaps because of the work she’s been doing in a conflict zone.

Her husband has been a close friend of hers since early high school days. I met him several times during college and heard even more about him from her. Based on everything I know, I think that he’s not only a standup guy but that he’s right for her. Maybe even close to good enough for her.

Making it to this wedding was very important to me. The wedding itself was great, officiated by the professor I worked for in college, a little bit different and very much them. The setting was intimate, in a field on a large hill or small mountain in upstate PA. Here are a few pictures of the view (click to see larger ones).

I am very glad I went, mostly because I would not have missed their wedding for the world and a bit because the views on our drive and at the wedding were soul-restoring.


  1. Eleni says:

    Beautiful! What a perfect setting for a wedding. With outdoor weddings you risk getting rained on, but it makes for some gorgeous photos.

  2. Ruth says:

    Apparently earlier in the week things were rainy and windy and they were worried (there was a tent, but still). Fortunately, the invitation was very chill, suggested we wear whatever made us comfortable in a field and pack boots just in case. So I wore a cute dress that works over jeans and jeans too. Boy wore jeans & a dress shirt. Some people just wore jeans & t-shirts…very relaxed. And it turned out perfect the day of anyway! :)

  3. Amy says:

    It certainly looks like a relaxing environment. :)

    And that wedding sounds like just my cup of tea, especially the lack of a dress code. *eyes ugly bridesmaid dress in the closet*

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