Come for the TARDIS Soap, Stay for the Rose

Luxury Lane TARDIS SoapOn Saturday, I got to meet the amazing Kylee Lane of Luxury Lane Soap at @geekwithsoul and @katmbyrne’s house. In celebration, I decided to finally use the Luxury Lane TARDIS soap I’d bought a little while ago. It’s so pretty and accurate that I hadn’t been willing to use it until now.

As you can see from the picture, it looks like a real TARDIS. The color was perfect and the detail impressive, but what I found most amazing was the “TARDIS Rose” scent. When I first bought it, I saw that she’d said the scent was “Rose” and thought “Oh, that’s nice and apt.” And I expected it to smell like the sort of rose-scent one gets in soaps & candles. Kind of sweet and floral, but nothing special.

Instead, it smelled like an actual rose. I’d sniffed it when I first got it, but hadn’t been nearly as interested in smelling it further as I’d been in looking at it and poking it, so I didn’t notice it. But when I started getting ready to use it, I smelled it again and realized how incredibly rose-like it smelled. ProfX agreed, and after I finished showering he noted that the bathroom smelled like there was a bouquet of flowers in it.

Kylee’s scents tend to be spot-on, but I think this is the most impressive of the ones I’ve come across. She also offers it as a scent for her hemp bath beauty bar and hemp oil soap, called “TARDIS Rose” (so you can find it in the alphabetical list). I think when I’m done with the TARDIS I’m going to get one of those two. I love her geeky soaps, but they look so pretty that I have a very hard time bringing myself to use them.

Over dinner, I asked Kylee about how she creates scents…it was like listening to a musician or a painter talking about how they can see music or colors coming together. When I confessed that I couldn’t visualize scents from descriptions, she mentioned having followed up on a recent suggestions to create 75 cent fragrance samplers which you can use to preview a fragrance before you buy a soap. There are several others I’m interested in besides TARDIS Rose, so I think I’m going to order previews next time I get a soap.

This isn’t the only TARDIS soap out there, but the other one I’ve seen is the wrong shade of blue and not as detailed. It also comes from a soapmaker whose products I’ve ordered before and whose soap I wanted to like but have found to be of much lower quality than the bars I’ve bought from Luxury Lane and from Geek Soap, so I don’t plan to buy another for comparison. Besides, when the detail is all gone from the TARDIS, I’ll still have a bar of delicious rose-scented soap.


  1. Kylee Lane says:

    I am so so so happy that you liked the soap! <3 I always feel like such a dork describing what a smell means to me in my head but I am glad I got to tell you face to face. 😀

  2. Spring says:

    Wow, that IS impressive. How big is it?

  3. Ruth says:

    @Kylee Not dorky…maybe geeky, but as a geek I could appreciate the drive for perfectly matching a scent, even if I couldn’t quite understand how you do it.

    @Spring The base is 2″x2″ and it’s about 4.5″ tall. It looks like it’ll take a while to use up, maybe 3 bars of soap’s worth if you slice it the long way.

  4. I posted a funny story about my little Whovian daughter this morning on LiveJournal, and a friend promptly googled “TARDIS Soap” and found your post. Cute! Cute! Cute! (I wouldn’t have used it either…)

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