Why You Shouldn’t Boycott Syfy to Save Caprica

I am/was a huge Caprica fan. Look at my post archive, look at my Twitter feed. It’d make my week and maybe my month if Syfy resurrected Caprica. It’d make my day if they actually aired the final episodes or put them on hulu. So I don’t say this as a dilettante, I say this as someone whose favorite tv show of 2010 has been Caprica.

Boycotting the good stuff on Syfy is a frakking stupid way to try to save Caprica.

I get it. You’re angry. I’m angry. We loved a great show and it was not only taken away but taken away in a way that felt like a slap to fans. It’s even more infuriating to see that instead of letting us watch the final episodes, they’ve replaced them with Star Trek: The Next Generation reruns.

Just writing that made my blood pressure go up a little, but let’s pull ourselves back to the idea of a boycott. Some people have suggested that we boycott Syfy until they bring back Caprica. Others have said they’re leaving the channel for good. If Caprica was the only thing you liked on Syfy, then by all means boycott. Otherwise, consider for a moment.

Syfy has a lot of programming that makes you ask what channel you’re really on. Most striking is the wrestling…completely out of place on a channel called “Syfy” or one whose tagline is “Imagine Greater.” But there are also some good shows on there. Offhand, I can think of Eureka, Haven, Sanctuary, SGU, and Warehouse 13.

If you watch and like one of those shows, then for frak’s sake take a moment to think about it before boycotting Syfy as a whole. If the show is good, if you like the actors/writers/directors, don’t do to it what happened to Caprica. Don’t let its viewer numbers drop so badly that it gets canceled too.

What good does that do anyone? Now you don’t have the show you love (and neither do the people who felt about it like you do about Caprica), now the actors/writers/directors have to find another job, and all the potential of the show just bleeds out on the pavement like the gunshot wound victim in yet another procedural. Do you want that for a show you like?

That said, for frak’s sake do boycott the bad stuff on Syfy and by boycott I just mean don’t watch it. That’s it. Don’t watch wrestling. Don’t watch the “reality” stuff. Write Syfy a letter, if you’d like, telling them what you will and won’t watch on their network and what you want to see as a viewer. Send them an apple if you want to make that kind of statement. Tweet #SaveCaprica if you like.

I don’t watch shows I don’t like. I do watch shows I do like. Don’t punish a good show because the network canceled a better show. And don’t watch a show if you don’t want to watch it.

So if you never tune into another Syfy show again, fine. But do it because you don’t like what they’re offering, not because they’ve nipped something we loved in the bud. Caprica deserves better than that. And, who knows, maybe some of the actors we love will pop up on another Syfy show.


  1. Just Laura says:

    Didn’t the Firefly fans (kind of) get what they wanted by going out in droves and purchasing the DVDs? Not long after, Serenity was released. I, for one, will probably purchase Caprica on BluRay. I like to think I’m doing my part.

  2. Ruth says:

    Yep, there was a mad run on DVDs, lots of letters written, etc. I’ve bought S1.0, I’ll buy the second half too…as much because I want to own them as anything, but I hope it can help too.

  3. Vohaul says:

    Well, I feel that SyFy in its current form is unsustainable.

    It is my belief that most of the people that are actually planning on boycotting or removing SyFy from their cable/sat subscription list want to see this network fail and go bankrupt with the hopes that a more responsible network with a true dedication to science fiction will emerge from the ashes.

  4. Terry says:

    Agreed! Plus, if we stop watching Syfy how will we know what’s happening in wrestling?

  5. Command says:

    Yep, boycotting is a slippery slope. I suggest to you that those other shows you like will soon vanish as it’s obvious Syfy is moving away from that genre. The fact they will not even show the final 5 Caprica episodes now is proof they have given their viewers the official “Frak you” finger. I want to see Caprica back, it does NOT have to be on this network. If they even cared a little, SYFY would note all the Save Caprica campaigns and put it back on the air now. Imagine what great PR that would be be for them. I applaud the effort of the fans. They could have easily bent over and said “Oh well.” We’re doing it for all those associated with Caprica and other shows that may meet the same cruel fate. Please add your voice by adding #savecaprica to your tweets. Thanks

  6. Ruth says:

    @Vohaul And if they don’t like any of the other shows, I think it’s not a bad idea. But if they do, it’s kind of cutting off your nose to spite your face thing. No reason a new channel can’t come into existence to compete…and competition might make Syfy clean up its act too!

    @Terry oh haha, Terry. 😛

    @Command I’m afraid you’re right about the way the network is going. I’d rather see someone else pick up Caprica…HBO, perhaps. Or Starz (they’re doing Torchwood now, right?).

  7. I’ve said this before, but I’ll be “boycotting” SyFy in that I didn’t watch any shows on that network other than Caprica to begin with. (I HAVE been meaning to catch up on Warehouse 13, but I’ll do that on DVD eventually)

  8. Matthew says:

    I’m still miffed about the loss of Farscape during it’s season. Syfy seems to be less and less about good shows and more and more about “reality” shows about ghosts and mythical creatures and some of the worst movies ever made for TV. Even the few good shows on Syfy are hardly the best shows they’ve ever put on. It’s a shame that what once was my favorite channel has become the drive-in theater of cable TV. Crap, crap, crap and more frakin’ crap. I’m not planning on boycotting Syfy per say but with fewer and fewer shows I want to watch on the network the result is about the same. They’re doing to themselves. Startreks from 1992 and SG-1s from 2000 can only keep the masses happy for so long if at all. And don’t even get me started on Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary which both got second seasons to find their footings. Even SGU started out painfully slow to build characters and plot but Caprica gets the axe for not being BSG. And the fact that they’ve already announced the next show in the BSG franchise just puts the icing on the Syfy Frak the fans cake.

  9. Ruth says:

    @Teresa For now I’m going to be doing the same thing just because there’s nothing I’m currently watching. Once I catch up on some other stuff, I’ve been meaning to watch Warehouse 13. Tried SGU & failed to get into it, though for the sake of the people who like it I hope it keeps going. At least it’s sci-fi.

    @Matthew Yep, if they want to keep us out by making crap then it’s their own bloody fault. Blood & Chrome did feel like another “frak you guys” when paired with all the crap around the closure. I’ll probably give it a shot because if Syfy does make good tv then I want to support that good tv…but we’ll see. I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy it the way I would if it hadn’t been juxtaposed with all this crap.

  10. Mario Fialho says:

    If the show was canceled due to “lack of viewers”…what
    are the qualifying factors around a “viewer”? I have never sat and watched the show when it aired or tuned in…as they say…nor do I DVR it, I don’t have to. I have kids and have to get up early so my preference is to wait for Comcast to create their HD recording under the Cutting Edge section of OnDemand. Then, I watch it after dinner the next day. This might be a stretch but I’m guessing I am not the only one who does this. Could this be a contributing factor as to the reason the “viewer base” is down? I can’t seem to find the answer. If that’s the case, I would like to know so I don’t contribute to the demise of another one of my favorite shows. I would also think it’s time to rethink the definition of a “viewer”. Honestly, who watches commercials anymore?

  11. Ruth says:

    I entirely agree, Mario. However I’m not Syfy & the guy who runs the Twitter is pretty insistent that this is the way they’re going to count them (DVRing counts but I’m not sure about other methods). He says they do take other things into account, but not the same way. The networks all seem to be behind the times on this. It’s annoying because I prefer not to watch things live either.

  12. Nicole says:

    I’m sure i’m alone for the most part in the opinion, but SGU is not a great show. It’s a mess of mediocrity. I keep checking in, but i keep getting disappointed.

  13. Ruth says:

    @Nicole well, I can’t ever get into Stargate shows. I consider this to be 1 part failing and 1 part taste. Maybe I haven’t tried hard enough but maybe they’re also not my style. That’s why I don’t blame people for not getting into Caprica…some people like a plot that resolves every week, even if they want a story-arc too. I don’t need that, but that’s me. So yeah, you’re not alone in that.

  14. Dianna says:

    I don’t trust Syfy channel anymore. As much as I would like to see anything related to BSG, I’m not very interested in watching Blood and Chrome because I’m afraid Syfy will just pull it off the air and leave us hanging again. I don’t understand this channel. Are people really tuning in to Syfy to watch wrestling? Don’t get me started on Ghost hunters… one of the most dumb shows I’ve ever seen. Some of the shows are just ok… but not enough to keep me interested. Caprica and BSG were actually interesting and I looked forward to tuning to every episode. I watched all the BSG marathons and reruns and never got bored. As for Caprica, I wish there was a book series so I could at least learn the story without having to rely on Syfy channel.

  15. Kenny says:

    I hope SyFy goes broke. Every show I get into Gets canceled. Lucky for you I don’t like every SyFy show. I can’t stand Eureka and Warehouse 13 so I will assure you those shows will have long long runs. SGU will be canceled. Sorry But I like that one a lot. Its 50 50 on Haven.

  16. It doesn’t matter what we watch on SYFY, to keep up the ratings of the shows we like. Unless you have a ratings box in your home, your voice doesn’t count.

    Only just above 3% of the viewing population gets to decide what the rest of us 96+% viewers are actually able to watch. Is that fair? No, and they refuse to use the DVR ratings, as a basis for determining if a show is worth keeping or not, which would include people other than the low 3+%, that determines our viewing destiny.

    They say that advertising companies don’t want them to use the DVR ratings of a shows success, because of fear that those people just fast forward past the commercials. So it doesn’t matter whether we watch the shows we like, if those 3+% people don’t like them we are out of luck anyways.

  17. Eric says:

    Had I read this article yesterday, I might have considered relaxing my call for a boycott via Facebook; however, after learning this morning that Stargate Universe was also axed, I’m afraid Syfy has lost me for good.

    I’m joining the growing number of people on facebook and twitter in boycotting the channel altogether, as well as their advertisers and sponsors. I’m participating in the ongoing CapricApple campaign & will be sending both mail and email to Syfy and NBC execs to voice my opnion.

    After that, I’m blocking Syfy from my box.

    So say me.

  18. Nnyan says:

    Syfy sucks. They have become a complete joke. The only show I watch on there anymore was Stargate Universe and now that its gone I say boycott the hell out of Syfy.

  19. Boycott SyFy until they are off the air!

  20. Beorn says:

    The entire network has gone to shit. If it has something as ignorant as professional wrestling on it, then it isn’t worth saving. I’m already boycotting it.

  21. SaturnFX says:

    Cancelled: Stargate Universe

    Accepted: haunted antique dealers and a cooking show
    and more wrestling.

    I had my television set to turn on the sci-fi channel for ages, I changed my programming now and only watch about 2 shows on syfy (assuming they will quickly remove that and put nascar in or something).

    Syfy has betrayed its core audience. Boycott SyFy…ask showtime to purchase the good shows that they eject. writing a letter to syfy is no longer useful, now we should come together and pitch our voice to competitors, giving them our loyalty should they give us some quality sci-fi

    I may stop watching the 2 last decent shows simply because they have done too much damage now

  22. Deucypher says:

    Why the frac would wrestling be on syfy! what’s with networks these days…M*A*S*H on History…lol my god a channel apparently about history and people are learning that during the Korean war Hawkeye was making martini’s and Klinger [however U spell his name] was dressing drag… don’t get me wrong I LOVE the show…just on that channel I expect something little more realistic.
    Syfy keep it “Syfy”! for Gods sake! and bring back Caprica!

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