Win a Crocheted Cthulhu from the Innsmouth Free Press

Shame on me for neglecting to mention this earlier, though I’ve tweeted about it several times. The Innsmouth Free Press is having a Poe Haiku contest which ends on October 15th. It’s very easy to enter, just follow the link and check out the rules.

Why do I mention this? Well, it’s the Innsmouth Free Press for one, and Poe was one of Lovecraft’s influences. However what’s most exciting are the prizes. There will be four prize packs and one of them just happens to involve one of my Cthulhus! I’ve got the little guy all whipped up and ready to ship to the winner (though he’s not the only part of the prize). So if you’d like to win a Cthulhu Chick Cthulhu and a lot of other awesome Poe/horror prizes, head over and submit an entry before the 15th!

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