Free EPUB version of the Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft

I've created a free eBook of Lovecraft's fiction which you can download as ePub, as PDF, or for Kindle. Learn more.

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This eBook has been completely revised and greatly improved since it was postd in 2010. The download link is for the improved version of the book.

I have completely redone the book listed below and created a chronologically-organized ebook of Lovecraft's complete original works. It can be downloaded here and you can read more about it in my complete works of Lovecraft ebook launch post.

I recently got a Nook, which is a real wonder if I want to read and crochet at the same time. I'd been casting around for a good ebook of H.P. Lovecraft's complete works, or as many of them as I could get. I couldn't find anything that I really liked, but then remembered a compilation of 69 Lovecraft stories on the Australian Project Gutenberg.

So I used that text as an HTML document and got Calibre‘s conversion process to turn it into a proper EPUB format, which is Nook compatible. The table of contents links seem to work for all the books (I tested a handful).